Realex Payments

Realex Payments, proudly representing its bases in Dublin and London, carved its niche in the European landscape with its comprehensive lineup of payment gateway avenues. Circling back to March 2015, this noteworthy firm transitioned under the wing of the U.S.-focused Global Payments. 

Nestled in Atlanta, Georgia’s dynamic hub, Global Payments has consistently received applause from industry connoisseurs. Making its mark as a Fortune 1000 entity, it rolls out a vast spectrum of payment conduits to the international business community. Although its influence spreads from the corners of Asia to the heartlands of Europe, this narrative shifts its lens towards its U.S-centric offerings. Stateside, it’s known as Global Payments Direct, Inc., boasting significant ties, notably as an ISO and MSP with reputed bodies like HSBC USA and Wells Fargo Bank.

A Glimpse into Global Payments’ Multifaceted Offerings

Occupying a pivotal role in payment brokering, Global Payments is adept in orchestrating transactional activities. Be it digital, physical, or mobile landscapes, it’s proficient. 

Delving into the online realm, Global Payments excels with its dual gateway provisions:

Bigcommerce: Beyond its recognition for championing PCI-compliant dealings, it’s celebrated for its intuitive user interfaces, hassle-free initialization, adept inventory oversight mechanisms, mobile-responsive architecture, and effortless sync capabilities with outlets like Google Shopping.

Global Transport: Anchored in cloud infrastructure, this module stands as the beacon for fortified card and cheque movements. Apart from adhering to PCI benchmarks, it layers security intricacies and lets brands echo their online persona.

On-ground Engagements: Traditional establishments find a friend in Global Payments. Whether it’s regular credit/debit cards, specialized gift cards, or checks, it’s all systematized. If the repertoire seems lacking, they even provision requisite gadgetry and terminals. For the aficionados of American Express, while there might be distinct authorization loops, pathways to engage with Discover and PayPal exist.

Mobile Mediated Movements: The mobile-centric world isn’t left behind. With the ‘PayApp’ utility, mobile devices morph into transaction hubs. Compatible across predominant mobile ecosystems, entities can channelize mobile card trades, monitor stock, deduce markdowns, and explore beyond.

Emphasis on Impenetrability: Global Payments’ commitment to a secure ecosystem is unwavering. Their resolve is evident in their exhaustive Fraud Awareness Guide and a dedicated digital segment addressing PCI compliance curiosities.

Features & Benefits

Global Payment is at the forefront of modernizing payment experiences, offering a comprehensive range of transaction options tailored for the digital age. By merging the best of technology with customer-centric features, UPS provides both versatility and convenience for users and merchants alike.


Streamlined point-of-sale interactions.

Wide-span online payment assimilation.

Harmony with elite digital wallet ecosystems.

Mobile-integrated payment modalities.

Steady digital trade dynamics.

Multi-device transactional functionalities via IOT.

Benefits for Merchants:

Diverse payment channelizations.

Efficient invoicing trajectories.

Access gateways to a vast 140+ payment modalities.

Fortified shields against deceptive practices.

Uptake of user-friendly payment matrices to enhance conversion metrics.

Holistic transactional oversight.

Empowering clientele with local currency transactional ease.

Initiating with Global Payments

To onboard with Global Payments, start by browsing their official site to familiarize yourself with their services. After completing the required forms, a company representative will approach you to understand your unique needs. This engagement will involve verification, compliance documentation, and setting up your payment systems. Once everything is ratified, your business can fully harness the potentials of Global Payments.

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