Ukrainian Processing Center

UPC, abbreviated from the Ukrainian Processing Center, is a company that delivers e-commerce services, processing of payments, and outsourcing solutions. It was founded in 1997 in Ukraine by the Raiffeisen Bank International AG Group. 100% of capital invested in UPC belongs to the Austrian company.

UPC is a PCI DSS-certified financial institution that is regularly audited by German audit company SRC. It often invests in its infrastructure to keep abreast with the time. It helps to adopt advanced and secure solutions in the industry and then deliver them to users. This was the first company in the country that launched the service of secure payments with the assistance of 3D Secure 2.1 technology.

The enterprise can boast of vast experience in the sphere of payments processing. It has been working successfully in the industry for 24 years and processes over 170M transactions on a monthly basis. The center has a rich infrastructure at its disposal providing quality service to 38 banks and 1700 online stores located in 16 European countries.

Benefits of using UPC

Using the company, merchants can always get advice from highly qualified members of the team who have extensive experience in e-commerce and processing systems. The staff of UPC get certified in new technologies and always improve their qualifications by attending diverse professional events including conferences and forums. Also, they receive training from International Payment Systems so it contributes to their professional growth. They can see the trends and evaluate the potential of the market. Their support and cost-effective services offered by the company help merchants to get superb financial results. If you look closer at the advantages provided by UPC, you’ll see that merchants can economize due to lower fees and high processing speed. It affects the attitude of buyers and improves their loyalty.

The UPC system uses 3D Secure 2 (3DS2) protocol to improve security and process of authentication. It also contributes to the convenience of card payments and enhances the user experience.

Merchants using the service can benefit from the availability of widespread payment methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, MasterPass, and Visa Checkout. The system supports such innovative payment methods as Face ID and Touch ID for confirmation of payment. It’s enough to make a single click to pay for a service or commodity. There is also direct integration of various wallets buttons into the cart or product pages that are helpful for merchants.

The system allows to set up and change the PIN code using SMS, IVR, POS terminals, and Internet banking that speeds up the processes and helps to economize on card re-issuance, production, and delivery of PIN envelopes.

How to connect to the system

It’s worthwhile mentioning that the company is authorized to operate in 17 countries of the world covering the European and Asian regions. Merchants should fill out the application form and send the request to join the UPC system. The manager will specify the fees for the service as well.



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