Portmone is a Ukrainian platform for making online payments, transferring money, and invoicing. The company has 20 years of experience, providing acquiring, payments, and transfer services to thousands of e-commerces and companies from more than 5 million customers annually.

The company manages various business areas. Among them are the delivery of electronic bills from service providers to clients (housing and utility services, mobile operators, Internet providers, insurance companies, etc.) and the payment of customer bills online via Visa or Mastercard. The company also delivers the bills to banks and provides their payments. Portmone also technically assists in acquiring international payment cards for online stores.

The company provides online payment solutions to customers using Visa, Mastercard, and PROSTIR payment methods. Such payment methods are available via Portmone: Masterpass, Mastercard, Visa Checkout, Visa, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Privat24, and PROSTIR.

The acquirer banks of Portmone are Alfa-Bank, Oschadbank, PrivatBank, Raiffaisen Bank Aval, Ukrsotsbank, TASCOMBANK, PRAVEX Bank, FUIB. Its high quality of service is indicated by the fact that the company was named the “Best Online Payment Service” from 2016-to 2021. according to PaySpace Magazine Awards.

The company complies with all the necessary security requirements. Portmone is the first company in Ukraine that passed the international security audit according to the PCI DSS and received a certificate from the German Security Research & Consulting Company. 

Benefits of using Portmone

Security is Portmone’s top priority. PCI DSS certification that Portmone has identifies that the company also meets the requirements of Visa and MasterCard payment systems on payment card data security. To guarantee that sensitive data is protected, the company uses tokenization technology to secure online payments. 

Portmone has a stop-list that identifies blocked cards that were lost and checks whether the person who is using the card is authorized. In each transaction, Portmone checks if the client is on the stop-list, before transferring funds from the payer’s card to the supplier’s account. The company also uses the HTTPS protocol to get the client’s identification if he is using a remote computer.

There are multiple payment instruments for customers’ convenience. Autopayments are there for clients to configure an automatic payment of regular bills. Clients are also able to pay via SMS and email as well. They can also pay in two clicks, because the service can save the details of the payment card after the first payment, then in order to pay, the customer only needs to enter the CVC2/CVV2 code without entering all the other payment details every time.

Portmone’s time-saving option of mass invoicing is beneficial for the merchant since they could issue up to 100 invoices at a time. There is also a possibility to pre-authorize payments, which means that the money can stay on a client’s payment card for up to 7 days without actually debiting it.

API connection, iOS, and Android applications, and plugins for CMS platforms are available to connect to your website to start accepting payments via Portmone.  As for Portmone’s fees, the company charges online stores 2,3%.


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