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LiqPay is a leading Ukrainian payment service with acquiring features that was founded in 2008. This is a modern payment solution that was developed by PrivatBank. It serves as a payment processor for businesses accepting payments on e-commerce websites and in mobile apps. The team of the company has about 30 employees only, but the geography of work is rather wide. It is reported that users from over 120 countries can enter the customer base.

The company has pursued the goal to make online payments as easy as possible. Judging by the results, it has accomplished the goal since more than 25,000 merchants trust the company. The platform was awarded many times for its excellent performance. For instance, it was awarded in the following categories: the best payment service, the best financial chatbot, the best mobile payment service, the best offline payment service, the best partner of online stores and the absolute leader in innovation. The company was also the first to launch a mobile wallet in the country, and developed the first payment method in the CISSEE region with the assistance of FaceID. LiqPay also released the best e-wallet, which is PrivatPay. 

Benefits of LiqPay

  • LiqPay is a PCI DSS-verified, reliable payment processor that presents a flexible service, following modern market trends.
  • It employs such advanced payment methods as PrivatPay, FacePay24, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. 
  • The team of the company includes highly qualified professionals with wide technical experience, interesting vision, excellent soft skills, and the desire to grow and develop in the field. 
  • With LiqPay, it is possible to pay for products on the website of sellers, on social network pages and in Telegram or Viber. Besides, the team has developed the LiqPay mobile application. 
  • The option can be convenient for merchants who need to get microtransactions. 

LiqPay fees and other details

There is no need to enter into an agreement for accepting payments if you have registered a shop already, since you accepted the terms and conditions of the LiqPay system. Funds are credited instantly to the account at any time around-the-clock without days off. If you transfer funds to the account of the other bank, the transfer is completed within a day. Sometimes, it takes up to 3 days.  

The merchant’s fee is 0.6% from cards of Ukrainian banks. It is valid when you use Mastercard and Visa cards. There are no monthly fees, and no hidden fees when you conclude the partnership with the service. 

The fee is higher when payments are made from foreign countries, and, consequently, pay from the cards of foreign banks. It can reach 2% in this case. 

How to connect the company

With registration on the platform, you will be able to get payments over the web and manage your business with convenience. You should sign up to start working with the service. It is enough to register on LiqPay to get access to the service. For this, you should first confirm your email, then provide the information about your company, and details of receipt of funds. Eventually, you should select the category of goods you are going to sell with the assistance of this payment processor. 

You can get sandbox API keys on the main page of the platform’s official website and enter the test mode in the LiqPay Business Cabinet. After a successful test, turn on the active mode, and get the production API keys on the main page as well. 



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