Texcent is an innovative global financial company, headquartered in Singapore. It was founded by Sumedha Goel in 2016, who also took the position of the company’s CEO. The company develops software for payments. However, its activity is more comprehensive since it comes up with the whole ecosystem of fintech solutions.

The company standing behind the platform is Texcent Asia. It was established when the founder discovered the demand for the effective and easy-to-use platform for remittances sent to overseas workers. The service started to develop with the focus on digital money and remittances transfers. 

Since compliance is the most important problem for such companies, it received a remittance license from Monetary Authority Singapore. The company tries to be regulated in all possible jurisdictions to bring p2p transfers to a wider geography. Thus, it obtained licenses from the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, as well as money service businesses in Canada.

Texcent highlights

The company offers merchants and companies to join the ecosystem of fintech solutions delivered via banking software apps. The company promises a superb experience in the ecosphere with simple payments and a range of financial services. 

The platform has entered the Singapore Fintech Association. The developers of the team managed to develop the best software catering to the demands of different companies. It helps to make bill payments and money transfers via phones. The company values transparency therefore it develops open-source products. It allows partners of the company to develop their own products on the basis of the open-source code. 

They can add their identity and modify the product to their requirements. In the opinion of the platform’s founders, the technology of payment money transfer should be available for all users. The platform managed to achieve safety, convenience and efficiency of payment solutions without using banks and credit cards. Other channels are employed for payments, while the customer experience is seamless at that. The platform employs AI-based technology to create cutting-edge technologies. 

The company created an investment incubator fund to move forward, partnering with small fintech organizations. The platform has offices in different countries of Asia: in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Thailand. It serves customers in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Oceania, and both Americas. 

The company sticks to the AML policy for security. The customer support works round-the-clock, so merchants can rely on the service at any time. The use of robust infrastructure makes the system resilient and reliable. The company tried to become trusted for its clients.

Partnering with MasterCard, the platform launched a debit card program enabling users to convert digital assets to local fiat currencies so that clients can pay for purchases and withdraw cash from ATMs. 

Benefits of the system

  • Open-source code can be adapted to cater to the needs of individual companies;
  • Licensed financial platform;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • Use of advanced technologies including AI technology. 

How to join the platform

Merchants that want to connect to the system, should contact the managers of the team. All questions can be discussed on the phone. To request a callback, an applicant should fill out the form, offered on the official website of the platform. 




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