Pashabank is one of the leading corporate banks of Azerbaijan that was launched in 2007. It is a part of PASHA Group, a large investment holding that works in different sectors. As for Pashabank, the facility offers an extensive range of financial services, catering to all types of companies. It is a suitable partner for large enterprises and a perfect option for small and middle-sized businesses. The bank headquartered in Baku is one of the largest private banks. The facility has offices in the capitals of Turkey and Georgia, the most vibrant markets of the region. Pashabank became a winner of many awards from 2016 to 2021 in different categories. So, it is a reliable, recognized bank with an international team of 1200 employees. 

Pashabank services

The account holders have access to online banking where they can track payments in real time. It doesn’t cost anything to open the account. The facility also offers acquiring (POS Terminal) services that contribute to fast expansion of cashless payments with cards, opening huge opportunities for SMEs. Thus, trading and service entities can earn more without risk. Therefore, Pashabank offers Tahir Card for businessmen, POS Terminal services that are widespread in Azerbaijan, and other countries of the world, and contactless POS Terminal, performing payments without the necessity to insert a card to the terminal. The bank also provides the integration of the POS terminal with the cash register, enabling acceptance of all types of payments in a single device. Apart from the services mentioned above, the facility offers a virtual POS that is used for payments in online stores. 

The bank allows payments for merchants without a website, online store or mobile app. The team of the platform developed the link payment for this goal. This is the easiest way to get cashless payments for businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Payment by link is a secure and convenient tool that is performed legally, in compliance with the laws of Azerbaijan. This is a fast and accessible way to get payment for all. The payment link can be created within a minute and sent to the client. It is often preferred by the members of the system engaged in online trading who don’t want to reveal their personal card data or provide account information to unknown people. The method can be suitable for merchants working in different areas. It refers, for instance, to commercial and catering establishments, flower shops, bookstores, clothing stores, gifts, accessories, and other fields. 

Benefits of Pashabank

  • The possibility of recurring payments;
  • The card storage feature enables one-click payments;
  • Payment authorization that blocks the amount on the customer’s card and paid only after merchant’s confirmation;
  • Acceptance of popular bank cards (VISA, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro);
  • The possibility to apply through online banking platform;
  • One refund processing;
  • Easy integration on the website or online store.

How to connect to the service

Merchants can connect to the system in three simple steps. They should open the account on the official website of the facility, register there with an easy documentation process, and then get access to all benefits of the e-commerce service. Merchants should select the product they need before they submit a request. The form also asks to specify the name, the name of the company, email address, and mobile number. 

Pashabank also developed the plugin for WooCommerce that can be easily integrated into the online store. 



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