AzeriCard is a Baku-based processing center that launches state-of-the-art technological projects. AzeriCard LLC became the first processing center of the republic. The financial institution is fully certified by popular International Payment systems including Visa, Mastercard, JBC, UnionPay. Diners Club, American Express. The processing is conducted through 16 domestic and certified international banks.

AzeriCard, established in 1997 and owned by the International Bank of Azerbaijan, serves over 30 banks both in Azerbaijan and abroad as a clearing and authorization center.

In 2020, the AzeriCard processing center signed a strategic partnership with VISA that opened new opportunities for its clients. The company tries to make e-commerce seamless and empower businessmen as they do online payments.

The official website offers merchants to join E-commerce within three steps. After they fill out the online application and receive necessary data, they get the opportunity to connect their enterprise to online payments.

Using AzeriCard, small and medium-sized enterprises are more cost-effective and have more resources for development as the burden of payments is less heavy in this case.

Benefits of using AzeriCard

The following features should be mentioned when this payment system is chosen:

  • Flexibility

The team of the bank works to provide the best possible terms for its clients. All specific requirements are considered thus creating an offering with the highest value for a merchant.

  • Opportunity to negotiate the terms

Each aspect of the deal can be discussed with the employees of the bank.

  • Responsive customer service

The support can boast of exemplary service thanks to a rapid and efficient response of its employees.

The system offers its services on the domestic market for the most part as it works in Azerbaijan since the end of the last century and was the first bank in the country that offered credit cards to the population. It cooperates with numerous Azerbaijani companies. However, with the agreement that was concluded between AzeriCard and Visa, it started expanding its geography. Now it offers solutions for international merchants as well.

The company employs cutting-edge technologies to make the payments processing secure for its clients. You can connect as many businesses to the system as you wish. The processing fee is 5-8% depending on the industry.

The merchants are offered 3D-secure payment solutions. They can get online payments on a web platform that unites numerous payment options thus increasing the conversion of merchants.

How to connect to the system

Merchants can apply to the company through email. Alternatively, it’s possible to contact a call center that works 24/7 to get more information on the subject.


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