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MilliKart is a leading independent payment processor in Azerbaijan. The processing center was founded and operated by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic in 2006. The purpose of its launch as an LLC company was the creation of healthy competition in the country as well as the development of cashless payments. The goal was successfully attained as MilliKart has become a reputable and trustworthy company, which developed several fundamental directions including work with merchants.

MilliKart is a dynamically developing processing company striving to offer its customers the most innovative products and services. It has received a full membership license in MasterCard, Union Pay, and VISA. The company has become known in its country for its fast development in card and payment technologies. It also actively developed the direction of information technologies. The list of its customers primarily includes retail and corporate banks of the Republic of Azerbaijan, for instance, Azerpost LLC, investment and insurance companies, non-bank credit organizations, payment platforms, and online stores.

The list of Millikart services includes ATM and POS management. It connects and delivers technical support of ATMs within the frames of this direction. The facility is also responsible for the installation and support of their POS terminals.

MilliKart constantly works over the improvement of its technical base. For instance, it has successfully switched its communication channel with the Visa payment system to the open payment platform that was developed by Compass Plus known as TranzAxis. The migration of the Visa channel is the first stage of a comprehensive strategic project aimed at the modernization of the processing infrastructure of MilliKart. The company uses it to transfer all its services to a new payment platform.

Benefits of using Millikart

The payment processor passed certification in compliance with PCI DSS 3.2 standards, which were developed to strengthen the level of card data security. The bank processes transactions with the use of VISA and MasterCard payments in online shops.

The bank also accentuates such advantages of using the service as the confidentiality of data, reduction of current expenditures, detailed report on operations, and extensive service network. Much attention is paid to the strong software and hardware of the company.

Its COME2SHOP feature delivers services on the implementation of e-commerce based on 3D-secure technologies Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code.

Using Internet banking merchants can manage their bank accounts in real-time. They can also perform real-time financial operations. The company has a call center that serves its customers round-the-clock.

Merchants who connect to the service can be sure that the brand tries its best to remain trendy and secure. The innovative approach prevails when decisions are made. The facility is served by a very dynamic team with members who always try to be the first in their endeavors.

Working with goSwiff, Millikart has also developed a mobile banking solution M+ supporting major mobile platforms available on the market and covers all the functionality of the bank. Customers can download Android and iOS-based applications in the online stores of these operating systems. A highly scalable product answers the requirements of small, medium-sized businesses, and huge enterprises with thousands of agents. Using it, acquiring banks deliver competitive solutions to merchants, while merchants get the chance to give a better customer experience to their clients and increase sales volume as it is possible to buy with M+ at any time without risk. The omnichannel payment solution is comprehensive and involves all sales channels paying online, via POS, or on a mobile device.



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