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Stripe is an Irish-American universal company that is suitable for enterprises of all sizes. It provides financial services and software that is suitable for the beginning startups and large reputable brands that enter the list of Fortune 500. The SaaS company is dual-headquartered in Dublin and San Francisco.

In 2011, the company received an investment of $2M from such famous investors as Elon Musk, Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, and others.

The company decided to integrate the services into the suite of useful tools including almost everything necessary to create payment infrastructure and customize it to cater to the needs of a company. The mission of the company is to unlock the potential of the online economy.

Though the name of the brand is not recognizable, it is behind numerous transactions. The customers may not even suspect it. It works with such famous brands as Google, Zoom, Lyft, Instacart, Shopify to name a few.  But the company cooperates with many market giants behind the scenes. Though Stripe has earned an excellent reputation, it doesn’t focus on marketing. Its main priority is the development of tools with extensive code libraries and customization capability.

Benefits of using Stripe

The team asserts that the company has the most powerful APIs in the world, which are easy to use. The integration of payments functionality is not complicated. There are tools for every stack and an extensive set of libraries.

The team prepared pre-built integrations that are suitable for such systems as Shopify, NetSuite, WooCommerce, and some others.

The company differs from its business rivals as it puts the technology first in the sphere of finance and payments. Smooth operation and optimization of all systems help to achieve a brilliant result. This is the fastest improving platform with hundreds of features.

 Stripe is an ideal solution if you want to customize your payment processing platform. Merchants with technical resources can obtain a strong set of tools of world-class level. The company receives more than 250 million API requests on a daily basis. 38 countries received local acquiring thanks to Stripe services.

Merchants like transparent pricing, lack of monthly fee, 99,9% uptime, built-in payment security, multi-language libraries, 3D secure authentication, test-friendly environment, round-the-clock support, mobile apps on Android and iOS. It is easier to manage business processes with Stripe.

One of the benefits is secure PCI-compliant migration of credit card data. The service of this kind is not offered by businesses that offer the same service.


Stripe fees

The company charges 2.9% for e-commerce transactions +$0.30 per successful card charge. Stripe has flat fees regardless of a type of bank card or a wallet.




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