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PayPal is a famous processing company, which delivers the flexibility of payments to merchants throughout the world. The main advantage of a processing giant is trust since it’s a household name known to all. Besides, flat-rate pricing offered by PayPal is highly appreciated by merchants. The company offers various pricing plans to select from, extensive integration, and a nice suite of tools for development. As for fees, the processor is more suitable for small businesses with a low volume of sales. The reason for it is the convenience of merchants. They know what to expect from a well-known processor. The predictable pricing of the company is highly appreciated by merchants.

Benefits of PayPal

The use of PayPal for Business helps merchants benefit from a lack of subscriptions and monthly fees. Merchants don’t have to conclude contracts with a company to start working. It is possible to accept payments from any person despite the location. This is a huge benefit that puts PayPal apart from other processors offering the same service for small and medium-sized businesses.

It is easy to integrate PayPal into your site to make it a payment option for buyers. At this, merchants don’t have to worry about PCI compliance. The platform developed the mPOS app PayPal Zettle to cater to the needs of its clients. There are many nice features that can make your work easier.

PayPal payments plans

Along with a Standard PayPal checkout, there is a Payments Advanced Plan. Those who use it have to pay 5 USD per month for the service. In this case, merchants can benefit from customizable payment buttons and a hosted checkout page leaving the consumers on the site during the buying procedure. The service allows you to modify the design of checkout but PCI compliance is necessary then. A PayPal Payments Pro is a plan for merchants looking for a higher level of control over the process. The plan enables more customization features. The merchants using the option have to pay 30 USD per month for the service. With all the features, access to a virtual terminal is given to merchants thus providing acceptance of payments over the phone.

Also, recurring billing becomes available for merchants with this option. You should consider that this service can be acquired separately for 10 USD as this is an extra feature that is offered for purchase. PayPal Enterprise plan offers an optimized processing engine to avoid friction during checkout. It provides data analysis and other features.

More on PayPal fees

Setting up a PayPal account, you don’t have to pay anything. But when charging payments merchants must pay on a per transaction basis. The fee is 3.49% $0.49 per sale when payments are made, and 2.99% $0.49 per sale when clients use either debit or credit cards. The figures vary depending upon many factors.

You should understand what determines per-transaction rates for customers. The detailed explanation of terms provided on a special page of the platform can easily clarify it. However, there is a fixed portion of transaction fees that vary from $0.30 to $0.49. A new pricing structure that was introduced by the service in August 2021, affected sellers accepting a lot of small transactions. The overall amount of fees they have to pay to the service considerably increases. But there is a special Micropayment plan for this category of merchants.

Merchants have to pay a monthly fee for some software services, for instance, advanced fraud protection. The official website of the company specifies all details concerning additional fees. Explore it to decide what option is preferable for you.



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