Nuvei is a Canadian, Montreal-based payment processor founded in 2003.  Philip Fayer, Nuvei Chair and CEO, states that the platform relies on the technological and strategic partnership as it is not enough just to own the technology in present conditions to be competitive. Therefore, the facility aims to become a trustworthy payment technology partner to its customers. 

With this vision in mind, the platform captures all payment methods it runs across. At the time of writing, the selection includes 570 payment options. The facility works with over 150 currencies to meet the demands of all customers. Its strategy works well. The customer base of the platform exceeds 50,000 customers, while the staff of 1400 employees connects parties in more than 200 markets throughout the world. The main goal of the platform is to make the whole world the local marketplace, as the official website puts it. 

Nuvei technologies

The company offers the developer-friendly API, open-source architecture, rapid and simple integration alternatives. There are diverse ecommerce plugins for easy integrations. The team developed the extensive functionality to provide advanced customization to its users.

The company guarantees high-speed processing in the conditions of maximum uptime with the technical capabilities that allow handling of huge transaction volume. The team can support any sales peak, ensuring a high level of security. The service features unlimited scalability that makes the service available even on holidays. To become stronger, the company primarily relies on technological power. The company is always improving its acquiring flexibility due to new technologies. The latest market innovations introduced into the platform help to seize new business opportunities that wouldn’t be available without these modifications. However, it wouldn’t work so well without the support of high-profile professionals, who are members of the Nuvei team. 

Nuvei highlights

  • The company works to open new doors to e-commerce brands to help them expand their geography, thus contributing to the development of the global market. 
  • The payment processing company works in numerous industries such as gaming, gambling, sports betting, travel, financial services, marketplaces, etc. 
  • The platform helps to reduce operating costs after you complete integration. In this way, the most popular global payment options become available for you. 
  • Nuvei offers unified reporting for the convenience of merchants working with a processing partner, while dynamic currency conversion helps to avoid losses. All these features contribute to the customer experience. 
  • Optimization of payments also improves the merchant’s conversion. The acceptance rates are higher, while smart conversion routing helps to decrease costs. 

Nuvei fees

The gateway fee is 25 dollars per month. Additionally, merchants have to pay $ 0.40 per transaction. The fees accumulate during the month, so you’ll need to cover them the next month when the exact amount is clear. However, this is not all as the platform also charges for PCI compliance (34.95 dollars per quarter) and maintenance (199 dollars per year). 

How to connect to Nuvei

If you are a merchant and want to cooperate with Nuvei, you should submit an application on a special page. Fill out the application form to inform the platform about your company. 


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