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Pymnt is a Cyprus-based service that accepts and processes online payments for legal entities. The platform, which was previously known as Paydoo, tries to create the best conditions for merchants, making processing of international payments faster and easier. Though the service used to serve, primarily, European customers, it has a global reach. 

The company was established in the Baltics in 2013. Now it has several strategic partnerships, including connections with such famous brands as Worldline, Trust, and Decta. In 2021, the company entered a partnership with companies from North America and expanded its geography to Canada and the USA. It also collaborates with partners from India, Africa, and Latin America, trying to expand its presence to Australia and other regions.

Pymnt highlights

The company offers POS terminals at retail locations, easy integration, virtual terminal and numerous payment options for the convenience of customers. Comprehensive data analytics tools help merchants and enterprises to track online payments and control business with ease. Also, consumer insight analysis provided by the facility helps to monitor the commercial activity, make smart decisions and manage the processes with regard to the comprehensive picture, provided by the Pymnt service among other things. 

Merchants can apply for the Hosted Payment Page option and use this method to accept payments. An entirely integrated suite of APIs allows companies to manage payments using this solution. Services that need recurring payments can also apply to the platform that provides this service, enabling the functionality of setting payment schedules and configuring them afterwards in the event of further growth. 

The customers are protected with 3D secure processing, which is available for such famous payment services as Visa, and MasterCard. To optimize the processing procedure, the specialists work over smart routing, creating links of local and global payment services. 

Though many payment platforms refuse to work with high-risk industries, this is not a problem for Pymnt, which is ready to take risks in high-fraud sectors of the economy. 

Businesses get more solutions and options with Pymnt that employs a uQualify application to give this choice to them. At the time of writing, the platform offers gateways for different popular shopping carts such as PrestaShop, Shopify, and others. In case the company needs an enhanced connection, it can use a highly-secure payment gateway for s2s API connection. There is one connection for diverse payment methods from card bank processing and virtual terminal to alternative payment methods. It is possible to use Apple Pay, Google Pay, MasterCard, Union Pay, American Express, and VISA. 

Benefits of the service

Applying to the platform, merchants can take advantage of a compliant gateway and a dedicated account manager. The benefits also include responsive technical support and access to many accounts under your business. Companies that target international customers can find the service useful as it delivers the checkout process in most popular languages. The list includes English, German, Spanish, and French. Along with fiat currencies, the service allows merchants to accept cryptos that makes the platform stand apart from others, providing unique opportunities to its users. 

Exceptional features of uQualify developed for ecommerce enable easy scaling, simplicity, and safety of the payment gateway use. Use these benefits to increase efficiency of work. 

How to connect to the service

Merchants can find contact data on the official website of the platform. There is an address, phone, and email on the contact page that can help to get in touch with the team. However, it is better to use the contact form for it. Companies can apply for details and get access to a demo before making a final decision. 


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