Amald is a successful payment gateway provider that delivers services to businesses of different types. The company standing behind the platform was established in 1999, in India. It has a team of highly experienced experts, dedicated to providing great payment processing services. The company also deals with merchants involved in risky industries, handling their payments with higher efficiency than most similar services providers. Using Amald, legal entities can benefit from their professional and accurate approach.

 Since customers always expect a smooth experience during the online payment, the capability of online merchants to meet their expectations affects the popularity of the store. Being aware of it, the Amald team focused on the goal and attained the purpose.As a result, the solution is suitable for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) as well as large companies. 

Amald highlights

The platform has everything that business needs as far as payments are concerned. It can process bank cards of all types while the network validates the data obtained during the transaction. The facility cares about the security before the transaction settlement. Understanding the necessity of these steps before the completion of the operation since the customer expects it at that time, Amald decided to focus on the problem. Much attention was also paid to stable work and automatic recovery, which are necessary elements for round-the-clock operations, in the opinion of the team.

One of the strongest points of the system is its infrastructure. It refers, primarily, to the smart transaction directing framework created by the team. The platform uses a strong network and takes advantage of extensive partnerships, supporting ties with payment system providers and acquiring banks. It helps to attain a high level of scalability of the system. It means that companies can easily grow, getting the same level of service without complications. A reliable network can easily handle the growing number of transactions, so it meets the demands of large companies as well. It is easy to integrate the API developed by the platform’s team into an online store or a shopping cart. API is involved in the processing of payments using numerous channels. 

The service is popular since it addresses the urgent needs of companies. Only highly qualified experts can manage these problems. The members of the team follow a track record when dealing with risky industries. 

Apart from credit card processing and 2D payment gateway, the services of the platform include ACH payment processing. It is possible to accept check and alternative payments. E-commerce companies can accept fax, email and phone orders with a MOTO terminal. 

Customers highly assess real time reporting they can use at any time. High levels of optimization allow merchants to make the system more convenient for work. They can also use advanced functionality available via dashboards. The payment methods also include the local ones displayed on the platform for larger coverage. 

The benefits of the system include:

  • Rapid setup
  • Quick approval
  • Fast processing
  • Reliability
  • Efficient clearing
  • Effortless online application
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Flawless payment transactions 
  • Seamless integration 
  • Readiness to work with high risk industries
  • The capability of branded integration

How to connect to the system

It doesn’t take much effort to connect to the system. The team has created a product that can be easily integrated to nearly any system without errors. You need not worry about integration if you plan to partner with Amald. Holders of international merchant accounts can enjoy fast quality processing after rapid and easy integration of the system. The problems are solved fast if any issues arise. Customer support is available 24/7 and can resolve any disputes on a highly professional level. 


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