Businesses need tightly secure payment solutions to cater to a wider customer base. DIXIPAY helps both small and large-scale e-commerce outlets as far as payment is concerned to mitigate all problem challenges and provide opportunities for easy purchase for their buyers. 

Benefits of DIXIPAY

An Ecosystem for Secure Payments

DIXIPAY puts security first and foremost. DIXIPAY complies with strict guidelines established by the Payment Service Regulations 2017 as a Payment Institution that is accredited and overseen by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It also has other registration requirements reducing any hint of a shady presence or operations. DIXIPAY features industry-grade transaction protection methods to ensure funds are fully protected.

Fraud Prevention and Risk Management

Fraud prevention is a top priority for DIXIPAY. Their effective risk management programs and screening technologies provide strong security for your internet business. You can reliably take payments while lowering the risk of fraud with DIXIPAY.

Payment Gateway Services

Accepting payments is made easier with DIXIPAY’s all-in-one payment gateway solution. It enables companies to conveniently take credit cards as well as other payment options. This simplifies the money processing procedure and improves your consumers’ buying experience.

Multi-Currency Processing and Settlement

With DIXIPAY’s multi-currency processing and settlement options, you may reach a wider audience globally. By accepting payments in your clients’ local currencies throughout the world, you can do away with complicated currency conversions. Transnational business transactions are made simple by cross-border settlement.

Problem-Free Checkout: 

DIXIPAY allows a simple and trouble-free checkout via its merchant account feature, enabling merchants to generate revenue as a result of clients being able to complete their transactions quickly.

Recurring Payments Option

You may set up recurring billing for your clients with the DIXIPAY Merchant Account, assuring a consistent flow of income and customer retention.

Detailed Transaction Reporting

A knowledge of transaction flow is required to optimize sales strategy and make intelligent business choices. The DIXIPAY Merchant Account provides thorough transaction statistics, providing you with useful information to examine consumer behavior, sales patterns, and other factors.

Free Setup charge and Extra Tools

DIXIPAY goes above and above by providing a free setup charge for Merchant Accounts. A free Virtual Terminal for manual transactions is also included, along with a mPOS (mobile point of sale) software for accepting payments while on the road. 

How to Use DIXIPAY

Using DIXIPAY is a simple process. Here’s how to get started 

  • Register: Go to the DIXIPAY website and click on ‘Sign up’. 
  • Choose ‘Business account’
  • Enter the details, Name, Company address, email, etc
  • Pick Your Payment Options
  • Integrate DIXIPAY’s payment option
  • Start receiving Payments
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