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Praxis White-Label Payment Solution

Payment architectures are the lifeblood of businesses. Praxis is one of those businesses creating payment frameworks with the necessary infrastructures for businesses. It provides a ready-made system that can also be customized to meet specific business requirements. This is because a solid payment infrastructure is not only necessary for PSPs; it is their lifeline. Along with its technical service stack, Praxis also provides legal expertise and maintains long-standing relationships.

The Benefits of Praxis

Praxis offers significant advantages, be you a merchant or a Payment Service Provider (PSP). The white-label solution strongly mitigates high-risk processing challenges. Whether for e-commerce, iGaming, or other purposes, the relevance of this white-label solution isn’t reduced. 

Checkout Experience 

Praxis offers a fully customizable, localised payment page. This means your business can effortlessly tap into global markets while delivering different services to your clients. Optimized payment pages like this have the possibility to result in higher sales and also raise customer satisfaction levels. 

Smart Routing

Praxis brings ‘smart routing’ to the table, a solid technology for achieving an increased approval rate. By routing each transaction to the most relevant payment provider, this feature reduces false declines and achieves a considerable boost in transaction success rates.

PCI and GDPR Compliance 

Praxis ensures their payment architecture consistently complies with industry standards like PCI and GDPR. This liberates you to concentrate on business expansion, confident in your adherence to legal requirements.

Fast Processor Integrations

In the world of payments, time is of the essence. Praxis enables you to seamlessly integrate various payment providers and methods, avoiding the time-consuming and labor-intensive task of extensive integration work.

Praxis Products

Praxis presents two core products, Praxis Cashier and Praxis Direct, each with a unique set of offerings:

Praxis Cashier: The Praxis cashier caters to businesses that need adaptable payment and withdrawal options. It allows you to access local and global payment options instantly.

Praxis Direct: This API-based solution acts as your gateway to pre-integrated payment solutions, making it incredibly simple to enhance your current payment system. It throws away the necessity for elaborate software developments. To make your transaction management even easier and more effective, it provides smart credit card routing, rapid onboarding of new merchants, and a unified reporting system.


Praxis removes the need to build from scratch, which can be time-consuming and very cost-intensive. Its white-label solution is easy to adapt and offers advanced features, such as fraud prevention, smart routing, and many more. 



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