Pypipes is a Czech-based global Payment Management System that started operating in 2016. As of now, it serves thousands of users across different regions. PayPipes can be used by sellers, companies that process payments for businesses and individuals, etc. It should be noted that PayPipes is not a payment gateway but a set-up that acts like a confluence for over 100 payment gateways. The brand is headquartered in Masarykova, Brno, in the Czech Republic. 

What PayPipes’ users gain by using the service

One system, several integrations 

PayPipes can be customized to include your preferred payment brands. This is useful for traders as it gives their clients multiple payment options. Integrating other tools on your PayPipes account is as easy as reaching out to the team and waiting for 2-4 weeks for the integration to be active.

It’s a PCI-compliant platform

PCI DSS compliance is a mandatory regulation that ensures payment security. Using PayPipes, merchants can be rest assured that their clients’ card data are protected.

Card tokenization 

The PayPipes platform helps you to store your clients’ card information and transaction histories in a safe place known as the vault. These data are reused for recurrent transactions and kept away from the reach of third parties.

Risk control 

The world of online payments comes with attendant risks, which may result in the loss of money. This is why platforms like PayPipes have a risk management control panel where users can safeguard their money using certain preventive measures. These include using 3DS, address verification, internet protocols, etc.

A payment page tailored to your brand identity system 

PayPipes service allows user to create a payment page for their business. The page can take on the visual identities of the users’ brand. This type of payment page is particularly suitable for clients who run online shops and e-commerce stores.

Paying via links 

PayPipes users can generate payment links and send them to their clients for a smoother remittance process. The link can be generated in seconds and sent via email or a messaging application. 

Transaction insights and intelligence 

The service provides users with insights into the flow of transactions on their accounts. It shows users the real-time status of transactions. These reports can be downloaded in PDF and CSV formats. 


The PayPipes platform can be made to mirror your brand’s visual identities. This is to ensure that your clients feel secure when performing transactions.

How to connect to PayPipes

PayPipes product is branched into two; one for merchants and the second for PSPs. For merchants, setting up a PayPipes account is free. Potential users can use the service for free to process transactions in its sandbox environment. However, subscription fees apply when you go live. Feel free to contact the support team and request a demo before going live.

For PSPs, a free demo is available. Go to PayPipescom. Click on the ‘Products’ button. Select your category. Click on the ‘Request live demo’ button.


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