Remittances are one of the core elements of a business, whether physical or virtual. They are key to revenue generation and accounting. Corefy is on a mission to provide companies, regardless of their size, with the tools they need to effectively manage payments. According to the brand’s website, the idea for Corefy was conceptualized in 2016, but it was called by its former name Paycore.io. Two years later, in November 2018, the company launched the beta version of the software. The company rebranded to Corefy in February 2021 with a new website and visual identity. Corefy has workplaces in multiple regions of the world. It has offices in Israel, the Philippines, and the Netherlands. Its headquarters office is in London, England. Corefy intends to open more offices in more places in the coming years.

Corefy’s products and benefits 

Corefy has a white-label product for both traders and PSPs. A white-label product gives users the freedom to tweak its appearance to reflect the user’s brand, but essentially, the functionality of the tool carries the identity of the maker.

Explaining Corefy’s white-label gateway: This tool is specifically made for online vendors and any trader/business who accepts payments virtually Corefy provides the basic technical assistance system and maintenance for the tool. 

Corefy’s features

Capable of up to 250+ integrations 

The white-label gateway opens users to a vast world of acquirers, payment companies, and third-party solutions via a simple integration. These multiple payment choices help businesses provide a wide range of alternatives for their customers, thereby increasing their chances of closing a deal and accepting money.

Supports over 200 currencies, crypto included.

An online trader should be capable of receiving money in several currencies. With the Corefy White-label gateway, that isn’t a problem, as users can get paid in over 200 currencies, including cryptocurrencies.

Facilitates smooth payouts 

Sometimes businesses are at the other end of making remittances themselves. With Corefy’s product users can make fast payouts. Even better, payouts can be made in batches.

Offers inbuilt intelligent features 

The white label platform also has features like routing, cascading, analytics, alerting, triggering, P2P control, and a host of others. These tools help you manage deals in order to get optimal results with your revenue collection.

Ensures the security of payments

Corefy’s system is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. They offer a data protection toolkit to handle clients’ sensitive payment information, ensuring the safety, stability, and reliability of their payment platform. 

How to connect 

Corefy runs a three-layer pricing plan. The first is the standard plan made for SMEs. It costs $2400 per month and it comes with 10,000 free transactions in a month. The second plan is the professional plan for larger businesses. It costs $6000 every month and it comes with 100,000 free successful transactions per month. The last plan is the enterprise plan for very big businesses.

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