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PPRO is an international company with over 10 offices scattered around the world from Singapore to Sao Paulo. The London-based company founded in 2006 has created a unified robust infrastructure that manages all aspects of local payments. The payments provider has officially received a unicorn status in 2020. The investors highly assessed the potential of the company, which announced the closure of a 50 million funding round. It means that. PPRO Group offers acquiring services for numerous international alternative payment methods across 175 countries. Such extensive geography removes all problems of merchants’ onboarding. The company continues to expand to new territories, so follow the news to make sure you can reach the markets you need.

Since the date of launch in 2006, the company received the reputation of a quality operator in the sphere of cross-border payments thus contributing to the growth of PayPal, Citi, and Mollie globally.

The benefits of PPRO

The company offers an integrated platform that includes the local payment methods preferred by consumers. The integrating gateway features processor and acquirer’s elements. Everything is arranged to make the payment process as easier as possible.

The company gives insights into the markets of different regions that include sophisticated analysis of the economic situation there. It helps merchants to make better decisions when they try to expand their geography. The guides on the site of the platform recommend merchants preferable payment options depending on the geography of users.

The flexibility and scalability of the platform make it convenient to use the service. The company meets the strictest demands and high-quality standards. A technical in-house team presents a suite of dedicated services provided to merchants round the clock.

Along with the collection, acquiring, and processing, the company offers settlement, reconciliation, and reporting for easier management of finances.

With numerous payment methods connected to the merchant’s account, it can be challenging to look after the fund flows. With PPRO, merchants get easy-to-reconcile format with a fast settlement in the required currency. The platform helps busy business owners to economize time that is usually spent on the management and troubleshooting of fund flow. With the Collect feature, merchants can simplify and accelerate their entry into new markets. They can also decrease cash-flow complexity and seamlessly extend their market coverage. Merchants don’t need to have local bank accounts as the brand is in charge of full transaction coordination between the network of the company’s banks, PSPs, schemes, and merchants.

Using the services of the provider, it is possible to get tax, legal, and regulatory advice. The connection helps to boost checkout conversions and authorization rates.

How to connect to the system

After merchants are connected to the system, they get access to the entire infrastructure. There is a short form on the website merchants should fill out to let the experts of the platform explore the infrastructure of your business and test the environment to proceed and complete the account creation. It is also necessary to pass the KYC and AML checks to onboard.



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