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Solid Payments

Solid Payments is a payment service provider that serves online stores, marketplaces and all types of internet businesses. The company tries to provide trustworthy solutions to its clients designed to meet the unique needs of each enterprise, allowing companies to receive payments from customers around the world.

Solid Payments was established by a group of seasoned experts who identified the growing demand for a trustworthy service that could support the expansion of online businesses globally. With this in mind, they set out to create high-tech payment solutions that incorporated advanced instruments designed to manage risks and prevent fraud to meet the industry’s ever-evolving needs. As a result of their dedication, the platform has earned the trust and accreditation of numerous clients and banks, collaborating to deliver tailored products to their clients across various industries.

The platform works with a diverse range of banks the world over, giving customers freedom of optimization and selecting how payments should be conducted. Using their own technology, the company’s team seamlessly integrates their account of a merchant with multiple acquiring banks, so that they can wisely manage the system, ultimately boosting their revenues.

Solid Payments highlights

The company has developed an acquiring solution specifically designed to serve businesses that handle high transaction volumes. The solution enables the management of multiple merchant accounts and facilitates parallel transactions with multiple banks, and employs routing based on predefined characteristics set by the team of experts. It contributes to the security and reliability of the system that can help enterprises succeed.

The platform provides advanced fraud prevention measures to safeguard enterprises from fraudsters. In addition to this, it enables alternative payments. With a single technology integration, the platform seamlessly connects your accounts to multiple banks and enables a diverse range of options to be accepted.

The company starts assisting legal entities from the moment of onboarding. The company aids in completing all necessary procedures and passes the checks of numerous banks that can be rather tiring. Through tech integration, the platform provides round-the-clock customer service that helps to solve many issues and prevent frauds. For instance, such measures as transaction alerts are employed to make activity safer in the system. There are also no problems with chargebacks since the facility handles the problem.

In addition, the team has developed a user-friendly back office system that can be accessed via web or mobile devices, allowing for easy management of payment-related tasks. Moreover, the company has also created a robust API giving merchants the opportunity to seamlessly integrate with its solution, making the setup process intuitive and hassle-free.

Solid Payments offers an all-in-one acquiring platform that goes beyond bank card processing. With support for multiple options, the platform is designed to act smartly.

In addition the facility delivers consulting in different areas including acquiring, chargeback handling, gateway solutions and so on. The consulting services are customized to meet the specific needs of merchants. What is important, it is possible to purchase these services separately.

Why use the service

The benefits of working with the system are evident since it is a trusted PSP and ISO since 2011. It delivers the most breakthrough solutions, designed and developed by the most qualified team of professionals equipped with the best tools.

The platform offers user-friendly service enhancing the growth of business and its expansion on the world’s market. The dedication of the company to building lasting relationships with numerous clients and acquirers helps to provide reliable and trustworthy solutions.

Merchants and companies should contact the managers of the service provider to discover how the facility can benefit their business.

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