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Cleo is an AI-powered application that removes all your financial management qualms. It is an intelligent virtual assistant that you can access on a PC or via their app on your smartphone. With this platform, users can track their spending as it forces them to be mindful about surpassing the set expenditure limit. Furthermore, it advises you on effective ways to get various products and services at cheaper prices. That happens when the platform senses that the amount you spend on a certain item is more than what is being paid by other users of Cleo.

The website features an easy-to-use platform, but yet professional. So, you will never go wrong when you start using it. Another thing is that it welcomes users with a clear clarification about its features. Cleo Payment enlightens its users on how it makes it simple for you to manage your funds. The fun doesn’t end there as it continues to offer more details concerning your account safety.

The service provider claims that the platform utilizes bank-level system safety and its platform operates the read-only services. That indicates it does not have access to make changes to the account.

Benefits Of Using Cleo

Cleo payment platform makes income by assisting you in minimising your spending on some things. For instance, you may get a notification from the platform that the money you spend on gas is more than the average amount other individuals spend. Cleo might suggest another gas supplier that offers a better deal.  Cleo will make money from such suggestions and it’s a perfect way to lessen the costs.

Meet Cleo offers a referral scheme that pays users to assist the business grow. After creating an account, you’ll get a link that you can give whoever wants to use the services.  

When they register through your link, you’ll get $2.50 that you can save in the Cleo e-wallet or withdraw. Even though the referral reward may seem insignificant, you can still make additional bucks while helping your colleagues to be monetarily responsible.

How To Sign Up

To get started, you need to complete a simple and easy sign-up procedure. You’ll get text messages as you continue with the procedure. They comprise info about Cleo and assurance about the security of your account info. You will need to link this with the application to allow them access the transactions on the account.

Provided you have your bank account information ready, your Cleo account will be ready for use within a short time. If you experience a delay or challenge during the synchronization procedure, you’ll get a text explaining what causes the delay.

Once you log in via your PC, you’ll see a graphic illustration of the account balance, recent transactions, direct debits, and categorized expenditure for the last two months.

Here is how to get started with Cleo

  •         Visit www.meetcleo.com to sign up or download the app
  •         Provide your personal and bank details

The feeling most individuals get after finalising the registration procedure is positive. Cleo offers prompt advice and response whenever you inquire about the expenditure attitude and account balance.


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