PayPugs is a payment processing company that specializes in card processing worldwide. The company helps to get payments from millions of Mastercard and Visa holders located throughout the world. Merchants get access to numerous payment solutions, enabling businesses to send and receive crossbody international payments. The platform accepts payments in US dollars and euros. 

PayPugs presents a family of companies registered in different legal jurisdictions across the world. Despite the fact that the companies are scattered throughout the globe, all of them pursue the same goals, which include transparency, reliability, and personalized financial services to clients. The goal is also to allow customers to do business in other countries and gain international success. 

The platform works with the focus on business without borders. Since trust building is hard in the conditions of an always-changing economy, additional efforts are required to organize the environment for frictionless business processes. PayPugs effectively solves this problem due to its rich infrastructure and technology that connects businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and common consumers, thus destroying geographical barriers and the complexity of cross-body entrepreneurship. 

PayPugs highlights

There is no need to worry about security with this payment processor. PayPugs is a PCI DSS-compliant company that also makes its partners reliable. It happens automatically when merchants sign the agreement with the facility, so all customers become PCI DSS compliant. Besides, the company uses the advanced level of fraud protection that is applied to all processed transactions when enabled. 

The card processing solution offered by PayPugs is a good choice for high-risk, medium-sized enterprises. It can be used, for instance, by forex or gambling companies to get cost-efficient local or cross-body B2B payments.

Customers can use the Faster Payment service, SWIFT, and SEPA to pay for the services. Global Mass Payouts, offered by the facility, creates a competitive advantage for companies as the solution allows them to use any currency to pay domestic and international suppliers. You can request a consultation on the subject on the official website. It is possible to start EUR and GBP IBAN accounts, along with dedicated USD accounts. Besides, there is a possibility to open multi-currency accounts on the platform.

PayPugs creates the BaaS (Banking as a Service) ecosystem, where companies can create C2B and B2B IBAN accounts. The company guarantees proper maintenance to all accounts. The company provides custom pricing, so the fee is established individually depending on the needs and requirements of the client. 

PayPugs presents the scheme known as PayPugs Introducer that refers to the business entity or an individual that sends applications of new companies to the platform and gets paid for it. Existing customers can also become PayPugs Introducers. 

More PayPugs benefits:

    • The platform offers tailored payment solutions, so the pricing policy is simple enough. 
    • It is easy to pay with Mastercard and VISA cards through the service. 
    • Payments are tracked with real-time analytics tools. Tracking real-time performance allows merchants to take advantage of deep insights and make timely decisions. 
    • The platform issues virtual cards for users. It is also possible to create your own virtual card program using the facility. 

Customer support provides full assistance as merchants go through the application procedure to choose the best solution. The support service works round-the-clock on working days, so it’s better to apply to the team from Monday to Friday, during working hours, from 8 am to 6 pm (GMT+2). The contact page includes a special form to address the company, though merchants can also find an email address of customer support there. 

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