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Paymentus is a next-gen bill payment company that was established in 2004. It was created with the goal to simplify bill payments. It is powered by the innovative platform that tries to introduce the latest tech achievements to the facility.  In this way, it tries to improve efficiency and performance of the service. Many businesses become gamechangers thanks to solutions provided by the facility. The company behind the platform is Paymentus Holdings. 

In 2020, the platform processed over 195 million transactions. The number of business clients and consumers exceeded 16 million people then. The customer base is versatile and includes companies that represent different industries. Though the scale is huge, the founder of the platform still feels that the company has just started moving forward, so the potential is huge.

The infrastructure developed by the team is suitable for all businesses. It meets all their basic needs, exceeding expectations of their customers. The team developed an omni-channel, integrated payment platform with next-gen features that simplify operational processes and enhance customer experience. In 2022, the company was awarded as best-in-class billing and payment vendor.

Paymentus highlights

The platform presents industry leading payment experience. It tries to increase revenue of companies by driving more online payments. It is achieved in the following way: the facility works to improve customer satisfaction, adding numerous payment options and communication instruments to the service. Also, it simplifies the process of communication with clients, delivering electronic bills to them.  

The company is ready to serve any business, regardless of size and industry it belongs to. In particular, it helps banking, fintech, B2B, healthcare, insurance, educational, mortgage, telecom, and other companies to ensure cash flow and maximize revenues. The platform also helps charity, non-profit organizations and churches to accept donations with ease. The intuitive functionality is clear to non-savvy users to donate with ease. 

Since the facility serves banking institutions, it employs Level 1 PCI compliant technology for the protection of telephone-based payments. AI-based tools are used to answer simple questions and support communication with customers. The advanced system of alerts and notifications was also created for this purpose. Merchants can also take advantage of reliable reporting and reconciliation systems that help to get better insights and make smarter decisions on the basis of received information. Also, all transactions become visible to merchants, thus creating a comprehensive picture for them and resulting in better cash management. 

The system supports recurring payments, used by companies selling subscriptions, to deliver frictionless billing and payment experience. A set of necessary tools enable customers to make regular payments on-time.

It is not a problem to deploy and integrate the system. It is possible to integrate the platform with 350 + core systems. The same can be said about migration. The flexibility of this kind is required for fast modernization of billing and payment systems.The platform is highly configurable so it is an easily configured solution to your business needs. Since the platform has a SaaS architecture, it has a single code base that is always innovated by the team to be on top of industry requirements.

Why choose the system

  • Compliance
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability and security
  • Wide integration
  • The architecture for the future

You can get full control over your project thanks to the solution developed by the in-house team of the platform. It is possible to get access to it from various APIs and iFrames. The infrastructure is completely secure and can detect the intrusion. Users are protected with multi-factor authentication and encryption technologies, while tokenization makes the platform convenient for use. 

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