Corpay is a leading payment company that allows its users to economize on processing services due to smarter payments options. The company behind the platform is Fleetcor Technologies Inc. based in Atlanta, USA. The entity was created on the basis of two leading global companies, which are AFEX, established in 1979 and Cambridge Global Payments, established in 1992. 

Serving users in different countries, the platform has accumulated huge expertise. It handled over a billion transactions in 100+ countries of the world. Over 145 fiat currencies are used in the system. There is a robust infrastructure and automation of payments which enables a smarter approach to the platform’s work. The expenses are tracked, managed and paid in a more efficient way. There is no way to manually process in the system, while all processes are cleverly coordinated to make electronic payments faster and safer. International companies trust the facility to power their cross-border payments. 

With over 1.6 million vendors involved in the system, the total volume of transactions reaches 70 billion USD. The processes are fine-tuned to perfection and 99% of all payments are conducted successfully. 

Corpay highlights

Business solutions developed by the Corpay in-house team include AP automation that allows alleviating invoice payments, while customers can spend less time on this routing with lower risk involved. It allows us to streamline transactions with vendors. 

The platform uses excellent customer support to deliver high-profile quality of service to clients. The support team is available on the working days from Monday to Friday. The office hours are from 6 am to 5 pm PT. 

The technologies developed by the team allows merchants to decrease their expenditure since they don’t have to spend much money on operational costs. It became possible thanks to the introduction of simpler procedures that don’t involve many actions. The intricacies of the process are just removed from the procedure therefore it improves payment workflow. For instance, some details are not just tracked such as payment instructions and signed checks. Also, the system performs sophisticated integrations with automated inner processes allowing users to manage payments regardless of a client’s location. 

Empowering your company’s team with direct digital workflow and distant approvals, the system also provides easy invoice automation, approving its processes for fast processing. At this the facility employs the proprietary technology that has been developed by the in-house team. The functionality helps to perform easier management of the system with a single click. The automation procedure combines check, ACH, and all transactions in one document. The customization capability contributes to its convenience. It helps members of the platform to maximize their capital, so the automation helps companies to achieve more. 

You become more efficient with automation since it also helps to save your resources, time and money, in particular. It employs a single automated workflow removing paper check payments. It has been calculated, for instance, that more than 1100 hours were saved thanks to this optimization. 

Customers are urged to discuss their needs with consultants who can advise the best solutions for you. The platform’s industry expertise is versatile and the team has a deep industry knowledge, so you can be sure of the quality of the experts’ professional advice. You will definitely get the most efficient solutions for international payments. 

How to join the system

Businesses should apply to the team to join the system. It requires you to use the application form for it, which is easily found on the official website of the platform. Also, it is possible to visit the office of the company that has numerous branch offices across the country. Visit the directory to find the nearest one.


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