Talus Pay

Talus Pay is a platform designed to deliver payment services for businesses that encounter problems with online transactions. However, the facility assures that it was created to give much more than just a merchant account. It promises to provide strategic solutions to move the business forward. As it states, the company is suitable for large-scale, famous enterprises, even the ones on the Fortune 500 list.

The company is based in Dallas, Texas, where it served many clients initially. Then it started to expand its geography and succeeded in it as well. Kim Fitzsimmons, CEO of Talus Pay, has been recognized as the one of the voted top 100 global sales leaders. She is also one of the top 20 influential women in payments. It affected the development of the company as well, which began to develop internationally after her arrival to the position. Previously, she held important positions in JP Morgan and JP Morgan Chase and Co. 

Talus Pay highlights

The platform stands apart from its business rivals, which mainly offer debit/credit card payments. The team has developed a mobile solution and numerous different tools. Additionally, it provides POS equipment to clients. Its customers belong to different industries, so the platform has acquired huge experience in the field. The company offers various digital solutions to business owners involved in processing and management of their funds. 

The platform processes all the major credit and debit cards. It uses such features as EMV swipers, PCI compliance, NFC technology, and a surcharge program. At this, it also employs data tracking, inventory management, gift cards, loyalty program, virtual terminal, etc. Being a technology company Talus Pay cares about its customers trying to provide excellent service for SMEs (small and middle-sized enterprises). All shops utilizing POS solutions can easily apply to the service provider and get the service fast. The customer service works 24 hours a day thus maximizing your sales.

There is a detailed knowledge base you should study before using the platform. Merchants can call Customer Support that works during business hours. It is also possible to send email 24/7.

Benefits of the system

  • Flexibility of payment options;
  • High level of payment processing that becomes your strategic advantage;
  • Full transparency of services;
  • Customization capability;
  • Overall support of your business, including consultations on the right strategy use;
  • Mobile version;
  • Scalability of the solution enabling easy growth and development. 

Talus Pay fees

The members of the system should pay a monthly fee to use the functionality. It is 25 USD per month. The rates vary from 1 to 4.99%. An account maintenance fee is 9.50 USD. The company charges a PCI compliance fee, which is 9.95 USD. 

In contrast to numerous service providers, the platform charges an application fee, which is 99 USD. Users should also remember about the early termination fee that starts from 295 USD and can reach 1000 USD. Users of the system can also lease the equipment for a fee that varies from 39 USD to 150 USD per month. 

The contract is concluded for 48 months. There is also a corporate fee – 98 USD for location. Some say that 4 year terminal leases are overpriced, so you should explore the market first to decide if the offer is profitable for you. 

How to join the system

Merchants can connect to a system via a merchant portal where users can view their monthly payments statements and get paper statements as well. The company offers a 3 year contract to all applicants, which is renewed on an automatic basis every 2 years. Not all are satisfied with the long-term policy of the platform. But if it suits you, fill out the contact form on the company’s website and submit it to be reviewed by professionals. Experts can easily guide you through the onboarding process and provide everything your business needs to grow fast.



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