Easypaydirect is a payment company that was designed to alleviate acceptance of payments. The facility presents a gateway that targets primarily small businesses looking for simple solutions and easy-to-use products. So the team decided to create the product along with an ecosystem where it is going to work. Such products are aimed at the support of entrepreneurs, their activity, and, upon the whole, at the development of the market. 

Merchants can take advantage of using the robust and customer-focused technology only if it’s simple. Since powerful technologies can provide cutting-edge features for companies, the development of such platforms is of utmost importance for the financial landscape. Easypaydirect tries to combine simplicity and advanced technology to make companies stronger and more competitive in the market. 

Easypaydirect highlights

The platform offers the versatility of accepting payments. There is no need to buy bulky terminals to work in the sphere since this company delivers a smart phone solution for processing. Using such a flexible approach helps to lower barriers of entering the industry for small business owners. 

The platform is ready to serve businesses that belong to high risk industries.  It also processes electronic check, and ACH transactions. The available features include recurring billing, email invoices, batch uploading, and online payment forms for the collection of payments. The facility has a simple, intuitive design where users can find answers to almost all questions that arise when browsing the facility. It is enough to make just a click to get an answer. It is possible to make a call to the support if needed. Within the system, users get access to a set of tools that are employed nowadays by all leading payment providers.

Merchant accounts are provided via partnerships with multiple American and international processors. It is also possible to use the gateway with another merchant account since it’s compatible with widely-spread shopping carts. As for processing software offered by the facility, the selection of devices is wide. Merchants can buy the device right from the service provider. 

The rates are not disclosed by the company. The official website doesn’t include info on the pricing policy of the service. Visitors can only find the announcement of guaranteed lowest retail rates. However, reviewers point out affordable rates of the platform in comparison with its business rivals. 

As was mentioned above, companies that belong to high risk industries can also apply to Easy Pay Direct, where they are willingly served. The platform doesn’t reject such companies. It offers huge expertise in the sphere, so it provides help to businesses that are usually rejected by common processing facilities. Management of chargebacks is a challenging task as a rule, but the platform is rather efficient in handling such issues. In general, merchants can be sure that the facility can flex with their business needs. 

The team of knowledgeable experts are available for merchants at any time. The custom service works 24/7, and solves all problems eagerly with ease. 

The official website doesn’t include information of the countries where it operates. However, it is known that the platform works legally in diverse jurisdictions since it partners with 38 offshore banks. Along with international accounts, the platform delivers US accounts to its users. 

Benefits of the system

  • Custom integration with a wide range of options
  • Payments comply with security certifications
  • Highly qualified members of the team
  • Affordable solution
  • Flexible approach

How to connect to the system

Companies that want to accept credit cards in-store or online, should fill out the form on a special page of the official website. Submit the application and get the answer after the form is processed by the platform’s specialists. 


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