Payease is a financial service company launched in 1998 in Beijing, China but located in Santa Clara, California, United States. It facilitates a wide range of services some of which include, call centers, Point of Sales(POS) terminals, internet banking, and mobile payments by SMS. It is one of the most used payment methods in China because it is connected to 23 major banks which make up 90 percent of China’s banking industry. 

Benefits of System

Payease holds on strongly to its values and ensures that it is constantly growing and changing to be useful to customers and merchants selling and purchasing in different markets. To build the strong global reputation it has, Payease created features that offer the convenience and efficiency it provides. These features are stated and discussed below. 

It allows multiple payment options and methods

Payease can be used to perform payments and transactions on many e-commerce websites on the internet. It allows the use of two kinds of internet payment choices, B2C payment and B2B payment. Through Gateway Payment, Payease provides a large bank of payment methods that makes sending and receiving easy. It also supports 63 types of credit and debit cards. 

It is widely accessible 

It accepts all debit cards and credit cards from commonly used companies around the world like American Express, and Diners Club. Hence, it supports crossborder payment. 

It can be used on multiple devices

Payease has Agreement Payment services for mobile and computer users which makes it possible for customers to easily make transactions on their devices.

It is secure

On Payease, transactions are not verified without a unique authentication sent through SMS. Also, after inputting the necessary sensitive bank information when creating an account for identification, customers do not need to input information again in following transactions.

It upholds transparency

Payease provides very detailed payslips and customers are allowed to scan two-dimensional merchant QR barcode codes to test from a bank of various merchant codes to confirm their identity and authenticity.

It is flexible

Payease is open to modifying and customizing certain exclusive functions to fit customer preferences and provide a personalized experience according to customer needs. It offers financial information and promotions tailored to each user. 

It supports inter-enterprise relations

Payease is useful for large-scale transactions between different enterprises. Its provision of settlement services encourages such relations globally.

It allows for foreign exchange

On Payease, customers can make payments in local currencies, and perform foreign exchange purchases. It offers affordable, fixed rates with timely international settlements. 

How to Connect

In order to use Payease as your payment option, follow the steps below:

  • After shopping, Select Payease on the payment page.
  • Fill in the information requested about the bank card and bank holder.
  • Verify and set passwords. 
  • An account will be created and connected to the card.
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