Apropay is a company that develops efficient payment solutions for enterprises and organizations. The company created a payment gateway for merchants that accept credit and debit bank cards.  The company standing behind the platform is Zayah Ltd., which was established in 2017. The company was registered in Cyprus as a Limited Company. 

The facility offers an API-linked gateway and integrated payment services for users that are fully compliant with PCI DSS. The platform supports alternative payment methods allowing customers to pay with Google Pay, for instance. The company accepts all popular payment systems such as Visa, Mastercard, etc. It also supports 3D secure technology, black and white lists, loyalty lists, recurrent and return transactions. Black and white lists can be configured. The platform employs up-to-date technologies to make work with the system convenient. 

The founder of the payment platform headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, is James Oliver Nyman. At the time of writing, James Nyman holds the position of Director in the company. 

How to join the system

The official website of the company includes the contact data of the company. Merchants can find the telephone number and email of the company to get in touch with its director or secretary. 


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