Excellence and successes are easy to replicate. Such is the case with the Tenpay payment service by Tencent. Tencent offers excellent services in the domains of mass media entertainment, online advertisement, internet, and other mobile-specific services and has replicated its success with Tenpay. While Tenpay was founded in China (2005) and currently runs from the same location, Tenpay can be used both in China and abroad.

Tenpay features a wallet widely supported by up to 200,000 shopping websites all over the world. Customers can easily check out by selecting the payment option. Tenpay isn’t novel to the world of payments. As of 2016, It reportedly had over 200 million users. The experience for both businesses and everyday users is seamless and super effective. 

Tenpay serves businesses in just any ecommerce niche whether health and beauty, digital content creation, travel and rental, and also serves payment service providers. Tenpay is relevant to users of any size as it has conquered scalability. There are enormous upsides to choosing Tenpay, some of them are highlighted and explained below. 

Benefits of Using Tenpay

Tenpay’s size and success in the payments industry can be traced down to certain features and perks that set it apart. The Tencent conglomerate has truly been able to replicate its success in its other domains in Tenpay. Here are some of the ways the payment service has redefined the payment landscape. 

Versatile payment option

Tenpay provides a comprehensive platform for different forms of payment, whether QR code payments, in-app purchases, or peer-to-peer transactions. This versatility enhances sales as it gives merchants wider payment flexibility, acceptance and consumers a familiar buying process. Along the lines of versatility, Tenpay also supports the e-banking services of major domestic banks. 

Security and privacy

Tenpay places a premium on security with a system that encrypts user data. The typical Chinese shopper prefers to check out without credit cards, so Tenpay allows this which exposes shoppers to minimal risks of fraud. Tenpay allows credit card and bank account connection to its platform. 

Wide penetration

Tenpay launched the QQ wallet with the flexibility to make NFC payments, bank cards, and QR code payments. The platform has grown large and currently has over 625 million monthly users. The payment option is targeted at people in lower-tier cities in China.

API services

Tenpay offers API and Whitelabel services that are so comprehensive and removes the need for countless integrations or interfaces. Through integration, payment service providers can benefit from the suite of services such as daily settlements which ensures that money arrives in their accounts on the same day. Another feature is widget-based payment, webhooks, detailed logging, and its example coding library means you don’t need to go through the hassles of integrating the APIs. 

How to Connect

Here are the various steps to follow to start using Tenpay;

  • Download the app
  • Register
  • Add payment method
  • Verify your account
  • Put fingerprint or facial recognition

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