OmniPayments is a switching solution established in 1995. OmniPayments is built on nonstop, fault-tolerant, robust Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers that enable it to provide fast and cost-effective world-class e-payment services. OmniPayments is headquartered at 1566 La Pradera Dr, Campbell, California. The company has an in-built over-the-internet billing system. Customers can use the online billing system to customize recurring billing and invoicing. OmniPayments supports various money transfer methods, including credit and debit cards, automated clearing houses (ACH), point of sale, mobile, shopping carts, and ATMs. 

OmniPayments has three basic components that support payment transactions. For terminal driving, OmniPayments use OmniATM. OmniPOS supports the point-of-sale network, while OmniSwitch comes in handy for preauthorization of payment processing. OmniPayments is PCI-DSS compliant—it uses industry-standard security systems like OmniCrypto. OmniCrypto has numerous security tools that make it effective. These tools include public key infrastructure, encryption and tamper proofing of files, credential-based user authentication, and ATM/POS transaction security. 

OmniPayments has a selection of unique features. First, clients can pay invoices through bank transfers, PayPal, or credit cards on the platform using the in-built payment processing feature. You can seamlessly integrate OmniPayments billing software with accounting books, customer CRM, and project management tools to attain maximum billing efficiency. 

The dedicated mobile applications have mobile wallets and responsive interfaces to simplify the billing process. You can pay on the go and save time. With the help of the customization feature, customers can re-design their invoices using unique logos and colors. OmniPayments users can leverage the reporting and analytics feature to track their transaction history and view their revenue and outstanding payments.

Another exciting feature of OmniPayments is the automatic payment reminders. OmniPayments send payment reminders to clients who have yet to pay their invoices on your behalf. Lastly, OmniPayments is user-friendly. Customers can easily set up accounts and manage their one-time or recurring payments using multiple payment options at no additional monthly fees. 

Major Benefits of Using OmniPayments

  • OmniPayments sends automatic payment reminders to customers yet to honor their invoices, helping you receive timely payments and manage your cash flow.
  • OmniPayments is built on a fault-tolerant HPE nonstop system that requires no downtime during maintenance or upgrades. 
  • OmniPayments comply with the PCI-DSS security regulations. All payments, whether at rest or in transition, are encrypted.
  • OmniPayment has a modular design (available as a package or single unit) that allows you to customize functionality to suit your unique needs. You can also integrate OmiPayments with CRM software, accounting Books, and project management systems to make the billing process efficient.
  • You can take advantage of OmniPayments’ one-time software license pricing model to get at least 50% off current transaction processing costs. 
  • OmniPayments supports various payment methods. You can receive payments via eWallets like Paypal, credit/debit cards, ACH, or point-of-sale and ATMs. 
  • Customers can pay on the go using the dedicated mobile application. The app has a responsive interface and mobile wallet, making it effortless to manage billing.

How to Connect to OmniPayments

You’ll break no sweat joining OmniPayments. The registration process is straightforward. Follow all the prompts and enter all required details on the registration form. OmniPayments takes a few days to verify data and process new requests.


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