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If you are searching for the most efficient payment gateway solution, you are in safe hands with NihaoPay. This is an orchestration payment system that allows small businesses to streamline payment processing activities. It achieves this by incorporating a business with various payment platforms.

This makes things simpler and efficient for businesses that need to approve payments from several sources. Moreover, NihaoPay’s system can save users too much hassle and time. The best part is that it is tailored to be extremely scalable to ensure it grows with your business.

The platform strives to empower technology developers, FinTech players, and ISOs to deliver advanced solutions and seamless payment experiences. NihaoPay is one of the leading cross-border payment firms with innovative technology and excellent services—the service provider endeavors to bridge the gap between international traders and clients.

Benefits Of Using The Platform 

The company’s mission is to engine several partners and traders of all sizes in various categories to expand their businesses.

Generally, NihaoPay is one of the promising gateway providers that can be a perfect fit for companies requiring payments from several sources. There are numerous payment processing gateway services in the market, and choosing the best one for your company can be hard. That is why you should trust NihaoPay, as they strive to streamline all your transaction processing and make them efficient. Some of the benefits of using this service provider include:

  •         User-friendly interface even at a first glance
  •         Supports several currencies
  •         You can use it for offline and online payments
  •         Provides a range of features like scam detection, recurring payments, and invoicing

The charge for using the payment system is 2.6% for every transaction. That is true irrespective of the payment currency or state. Note that payout charges apply when the cash in the NihaoPay trading account is transferred to your checking account.

One of the benefits of using the platform is that you get complete access to excellent customer support. That means you will know where to get help whenever you have issues with your account.

How To Get Started

Check the email sent by the sales manager and click on the onboarding link to initiate the application process. Some documents you need include a copy of the business registration document, the ID or passport of the business’s director, and a copy of a recent bank statement.

  •         Enter your email and name on the registration page to sign in. Then, press on the link on your email to account the account. Log in and press the Apply icon to initiate the application process.
  •         Fill in the business information like registration details, tax ID, contact information, and service description.
  •         Provide ownership
  •         Choose payment products
  •         Set up the payment bank account
  •         Review the account and submit
  •         Check the application status

Remember that ensuring your NihaoPay merchant account is approved allows you to accept payments from Union Pay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.


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