GoPay is a Czech payment system serving online store owners, commercial sites, and individual users. The former can access the payment gateway to collect funds from customers, while the latter can conveniently make payments. In July 2007, GoPay secured a banking license as an issuer of electronic money. By 2016, its infrastructure had been migrated to Amazon Web Services, and by 2018, it had integrated Google Pay as a payment method. Currently, approximately 11,000 online stores accept GoPay, and the system is utilized by thousands across Europe.

Features of the Payment Gateway

The primary feature of the integrated GoPay payment gateway is its dialog box, which appears directly above your online store page. As customers make payments, they aren’t redirected elsewhere, ensuring they remain on the page and improving conversion rates.

The payment gateway interface is customizable, providing customers with the impression of paying within your online store. Adapting the gateway’s design to match the online store’s aesthetics is a hallmark of GoPay. It can also automatically match the color of your buttons and links. Regardless of the gateway type used, the payment process remains consistent.

Payments facilitated through GoPay adhere to the highest security standards, with all transmitted and stored information being encrypted. In 2016, an independent audit affirmed that GoPay’s infrastructure aligns with the PCI DSS v 3.1 security standard, marking GoPay as the first Czech payment gateway solution that meets rigorous international security criteria.

During transactions via the GoPay gateway, all information exchanged between parties is encrypted using 128-bit SSL/TLS. The company undergoes regular security audits and ensures that the certificates and security agencies they use are up-to-date. The system retains only those payment cards linked to a verified owner, always associated with a confirmed mobile phone number and email address.

There are several types of accounts in the GoPay system:

  • Unverified – maximum balance of 250 euros, annual volume of payments received 250 euros, prohibition of transferring money to a bank account;
  • Partially verified – maximum balance 250 euros, annual payments received 250 euros, bank payments 100 euros per year;
  • Verified – maximum balance of 10,000 euros, annual volume of payments received without restrictions, bank payments up to 10,000 euros per year;
  • Fully tested – no limits.

The GoPay system boasts a multitude of benefits that cater extensively to both e-commerce platforms and individual users. It ensures a high level of security, offers a diverse range of payment methods, and consistently implements innovative solutions. The system’s account functionality is designed for convenience, and users are presented with several options for identification. This focus on identification within GoPay further underlines its commitment to user security and ease of use.

GoPay offers several identification options:

  1. Identity card at company headquarters. Certain documents are required;
  2. Personal identification in Prague through a GoPay sales representative. You need to fill out a form and provide documents;
  3. By presenting evidence to a notary or municipality – the original or a certified copy is sent to the company.
  4. To pass identification, you need an identity card, an extract from the Trade and Commercial Register (for companies), a power of attorney (to represent the interests of another person).

How to Join 

If you’re interested in enrolling with GoPay, a prominent payment platform in Central Europe and the Czech Republic, navigate to their main site. Decide whether you need a personal or business-oriented account. After your choice, proceed with the sign-up, filling in the required information. GoPay mandates a validation process, possibly necessitating document uploads like personal ID, proof of residence, or corporate credentials. As a retailer, assimilate GoPay into your digital storefront using the resources and directives they offer. Ensure you’re informed about transaction costs and their policies before finalization. Post-registration, anticipate an acknowledgment email from GoPay. Delve into their user interface to oversee transactions. Should challenges arise, GoPay’s assistance team is ready to intervene.



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