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FasPay is one of the fastest and safest online payment platforms that has become the best option among other services. With these services, users can conduct digital transactions on websites that accept FasPay payments.

FasPay is faster and efficient since every transaction and payment is processed instantly after verifying the transaction details. On top of features like API and SCI/PIN, merchants will establish automated business processes, making transactions simpler and quicker. The platform uses dedicated servers, guaranteeing rapid data transfer and uptime quality.

The platform is safe since all data transfers between FasPay and users are encrypted with AES-256, the highest-grade encryption. That means it’s only FasPay with the ability to read all info being transferred to FasPay servers. 

When it comes to data backup, the platform operates on dedicated servers with Hardware Raid Technology which assures the security of consumer data. That is because significant and sensitive data is stored in several hard drives. Apart from ensuring safety, these servers improve processing speed.

FasPay’s primary objective is to offer easier-to-complete digital transactions fast while guaranteeing transaction safety. They achieve this by incorporating robust encryption. Therefore, FasPay seeks to be recognized as a reliable digital payment system.

Surprising Benefits of Using FasPay

As the fastest and safest digital payment platform, FasPay provides efficient transaction services regularly. It also features SCI, which is an automatic processing system. SCI (shopping cart interface) is a payment online solution from FasPay. With such a feature, users don’t have to wait for order processing. 

After completing payments through SCI, the order on the merchant website will change automatically. That means they don’t need to confirm with the merchant, move to another website, and transfer cash with a unique reference number.

Here Is How To Use This SCI Feature

  •         Visit the merchant website that integrates SCI and makes orders.
  •         Check out and select payment through FasPay.
  •         You’ll be redirected to the SCI page. Sign in to your FasPay account on the SCI page and confirm the transaction
  •         After completing the payment, you’ll be redirected to the trader’s website. The order will be done automatically.

With that, users can complete their online shopping payments, transfer funds instantly, and receive cash securely via FaPay SCI. The services are cheap since the transaction fee is 0.5%, which is lower than credit card interest. The platform runs an affiliate program where members can get up to 10% in commissions from referrals.

As a secure and effective digital payment method, FasPay is used in various fields, such as online stores and foreign exchange brokers. E-changes services web. Online games and donation systems.

The number of merchants and members continues to grow, thanks to FasPay’s consistency in keeping its payment services convenient and fluent. 


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