Eskaypay (ePay Global)

Eskaypay is a company that was designed for online merchants that need payment solutions. The company was launched in 2013 in the UK and later was renamed ePay Global. The team came up with a one-stop payment gateway solution When the platform was developed the team focused, primarily, on security and the possibility of systematic upgrades. Also, much attention was paid to transparency that is necessary for the support of any business. 

ePay Global highlights

The company presents services for merchants so that they can accept payments right on their websites and e-commerce stores. The company helps companies to increase their customer base and expand the geography. The platform offers affordable prices and smoothness of use. ePayGlobal is an easy-to-use service that performs transactions in numerous currencies for different geographic areas. It is easy to connect the platform with a single integration. 

It is a great option for merchants who need high risk credit processing. Using ePay, companies can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club. The platform employs the eCheck payment gateway, which is electronic online payment that is processed within 3-5 days using Automated Clearing house. 

The platform charges at least 7% for processing. However, the fee depends on the statement. It is possible to accept eCheck on the website, by phone or using a virtual terminal. This is a trusted payment provider that offers numerous payment options. 

The benefits of the system include instant approval, lack of set up and cancellation fees. New companies can get approval within a week. After the merchant is approved, the technical aspect doesn’t present any problem. The software is smoothly integrated to any system. Merchants don’t have to pay a monthly fee. There are no hidden policies as well. 

The company has different departments, so the company conducts a very thorough work in different aspects of its activity. There are, for instance, the Sales Verification department, Risk and compliance, Billing, Tech Support, Accounting and Returns division.

ePay Global security

There is a range of security measures taken by the platform to protect its users from fraudulent transactions. It includes cards authorization procedure, 3D secure processing, encryption of hard disks, use of a secured version of Debian Linux, the OS, that is well known for its stable and secure work. It is also worth mentioning that all communication on the platform is fulfilled with session keys and SSL. 

Besides, the team uses hardware firewalls along with the IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) that helps to detect a criminal who tries to misuse your private data. The data is monitored physically round-the-clock to prevent fraudulent cases. 

Benefits of ePay Global

  • The transactions are highly secure;
  • Responsive and fast custom support;
  • The readiness to serve companies that belong to high-risk industries;
  • PCI DSS-certified solution, which is the most stringent compliance standard;
  • Highly experienced team;
  • API integration;
  • Acceptance of major credit cards.

How to connect to the platform

Merchants should fill out the form with required business details before joining the system. Those who have some additional questions, can also email the team on [email protected]




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