Founded in 2014 with its primary base in Singapore, Telr has subsequently broadened its footprint to cities including Dubai and Istanbul. Among the payment methods Telr supports are Mada, Sadad, STC Pay, Apple Pay, American Express, Visa, Mastercard (both credit and debit variants), UnionPay, and PayPal. 

Key Features

Telr is redefining the online payment space, establishing a bond between businesses and effortless payment workflows. Tailored for merchants from varied backgrounds, this system harmoniously integrates flexibility with rigorous safety protocols. As we navigate through its features, it’s evident why Telr holds a significant edge in the e-commerce domain:


  • Currency Versatility: Supports multiple international currencies.
  • Varied Payment Methods: Includes Visa, Mastercard, Mada, Sadad, and STC Pay.
  • Transaction Safety: PCI DSS Level 1 accredited for secure transactions.
  • Payments on the Go: Mobile transaction support.
  • Customizable Payment Portals: Brandable payment interfaces.
  • Scheduled Payments: Suitable for subscription-based models.
  • Protection Against Fraud: Tools for setting transaction criteria.
  • Seamless Integrations: Compatibility with e-commerce platforms and a dynamic API.
  • Optimized Checkout: Streamlined for repeat customers.
  • Insightful Analytics: Comprehensive transaction insights and reports.
  • Broadened Horizons: Accepts payments from a global customer base.
  • Embedded Invoice Solutions: Integrated invoicing with payment links.
  • Extended Enterprise Services: Collaborative auxiliary services and financial aid options.
  • Responsive Assistance: Dedicated support for merchants.

Benefits of Using

Boost Sales and Conversions:

Leveraging Telr’s diverse payment solutions can amplify sales and conversions for vendors. Customers lean towards completing purchases with familiar and trusted payment methods. 

Telr offers options like Visa, Mastercard, Mada, Sadad, STC Pay, Apple Pay, American Express, Credit Cards, UnionPay, and Paypal. Merchants, thus, can mitigate cart abandonment rates by addressing payment-related reservations.

Elevate Customer Experience:

Ensuring a top-notch customer journey is pivotal for engendering brand allegiance and augmenting customer retention rates. A frictionless payment process, courtesy of Telr’s solutions, can nudge consumers to revisit for subsequent purchases. 

Bolster Security:

The specter of online payment fraud haunts both vendors and consumers. Its credentials as a PCI DSS Level 1 certified gateway vouch for its adherence to apex security benchmarks. Further fortifying this are Telr’s nuanced security amenities like transaction filtering based on specific parameters, facilitating vendors in preempting and combating fraud.

Widen Global Horizons:

For businesses eyeing global expansion, Telr serves as a catalyst, accommodating payments from an expansive global clientele spread across roughly 120 nations. With support for multiple languages, it caters to a heterogeneous audience. Although Telr’s vast coverage is notable, merchants should remain aware of possible regional banking specifics. 

Diversified Business Services:

Beyond its core payment facilitation, Telr synergizes with various entities to bestow additional services upon merchants. Collaborations, like the one with Tabby, empower customers with a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ paradigm, spurring sales through flexible payment avenues. Another strategic alignment with LNDDO opens avenues for business credits, fueling merchants’ growth aspirations. Moreover, with URPay, a digital wallet solution, customers gain a centralized payment hub. 

How to Begin

To initiate your journey with Telr, begin by familiarizing yourself with the suite of services they provide, ensuring they meet your business’s requirements. This encompasses understanding transaction fees, supported currencies, and any supplementary amenities they may proffer. Once decided, head to Telr’s official website and engage in the sign-up procedure, submitting essential business details as prompted. Post registration, anticipate a verification phase wherein Telr may request pertinent documents to affirm your business’s authenticity, such as bank statements or licenses. Following validation, you can seamlessly integrate Telr with your digital storefront, leveraging tools like APIs, e-commerce plugins, or their bespoke payment pages. Tailor the payment settings within Telr’s dashboard, such as payment methods and currency preferences, while also enhancing the visual elements to resonate with your brand. Prior to launching, conduct thorough tests to ascertain the smooth operation of transactions. Once content with the setup’s efficiency, transition to a live environment, enabling customers to transact via Telr. Periodically monitor your dashboard for insights, and maintain updated versions of all integrated tools. For any challenges or inquiries, Telr’s customer support remains at your disposal, ready to provide bespoke solutions and assistance.


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