Wonderlandpay is a Hong Kong-based international provider of payment services that has branches throughout China. It serves customers in different parts of the globe, but the largest proportion of its users are located in Asian countries. There are also a lot of users in European countries and the United States. 

The company pursues the mission to create a reliable one-stop payment hub and become a trusted brand for merchants. It plans to become the most preferred option for companies since it offers secure and quick third-party credit card processing. 

The team of the company includes highly-experienced specialists with 10+ expertise in the industry. The developers try to implement up-to-date technologies to improve the service and make it convenient for merchants and their customers. 

Wonderlandpay highlights

The company provides fast processing and approval of credit and debit card payments. It accepts, processes, and manages payments from customers. The processor holds operations in China, HK, and the Philippines. Wonderlandpay partners with Chinese, HK, Japanese, Korean, African, US-based, and European banks to deliver the service on a high level. 

The platform employs online bank transfer and local popular payment methods, and popular e-wallet solutions. It tries to deliver the most comprehensive set of payment methods for users. Powerful anti-fraud systems protect the service from cyber criminals. The platform offers favorable terms for a range of services. For instance, the bank doesn’t charge for a wire transfer. Also, it is possible to get payouts on a daily or weekly basis. It depends on turnover though. For instance, the first settlement can be received in the fourth week after the merchant is connected and the first transaction is made. Then merchants get weekly settlements afterwards on condition the amount is not less than 5000 USD. 

Even the beginning ecommerce companies find it easy to connect to the system. The company offers easy-to-use functionality to allow companies of different sizes to onboard easily. The team cares about the compatibility of the service with the popular and famous shopping cart systems such as ZenCart, CubeCart, OSCommerce, and other systems. Merchants are allowed to customize the shopping cart design and the payment page.

Novices prefer the service since the fee is affordable for them. It doesn’t take long to connect to the service. The platform charges a one-time set-up fee and an annual fee. Merchants can start accepting payments online right after the integration of the system to the website. Actually, the software works on the basis of the ‘plug and play’ principle. 

Wonderlandpay is ready to deliver services to companies engaged in different spheres and doesn’t reject clients working in high-risk industries. In particular, it works with forex and binary options, companies engaging in travel, entertainment, software, gaming and other industries. Still, it is better to discuss such questions directly with the manager of the company. The support team is available round-the-clock. 

Benefits of the service

  • Merchants can enjoy low-processing rates;
  • Multi-currency payments;
  • Smooth settlement service;
  • Low MDR (merchant discount rate);
  • The support of major bank cards;
  • Professional risk management;
  • Easy API integration; 
  • Simplicity of the payment platform;
  • High-quality fraud detection service;
  • Global reach;
  • PCI Level 1 compliance;
  • Individual approach;
  • Highest approval ratio.

How to connect to the service

The official website of the payment system doesn’t inform users what is needed to connect to the service. Instead, it says to apply to the Sales Team or Merchant Services Department to get a list of requirements. After the application is approved, the merchant gets access to the merchant’s system and API. 





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