Headquartered in Uruguay, DLocal Limited excels in offering customized payment services specifically designed for underserved markets in regions like Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Operational since 2016, the firm collaborates with large, international merchants spanning various sectors and regions, including but not limited to Amazon, Didi, Microsoft, Spotify, Mailchimp, Wix, Wikimedia, and Kuaishou. Operating a universal cloud platform accessible via a singular, direct API, DLocal Limited is agile in adapting to evolving customer requirements. Catering to more than 330 retail spots as well as leading online platforms, DLocal Limited aids a diverse clientele, from small-scale to mid-sized enterprises, in expanding their geographical footprint. 

Highlights of the Platform

The enterprise has engineered a comprehensive payment hub that links international businesses to developing economies. With the help of DLocal solutions, international companies simplify online transactions: customers can deposit funds in national currencies directly to the local accounts of local merchants and partners.

DLocal reaches more than 95% of consumers in emerging markets and provides the payment methods needed for daily use: cash payments, bank transfers, digital wallets, mobile payments.

DLocal enables installment payments, something consumers in emerging markets are accustomed to. For example, more than 50% of buyers in Latin America use installment when it is offered.

The key features of the service are:

  1. Single API Access: One of the most significant features is its single, direct API that enables smooth and streamlined payment processing.
  2. Geographic Reach: Specializing in underserved areas like Latin America, Asia, and Africa, the platform provides a much-needed service where banking infrastructures may be lacking.
  3. Cross-Border Transactions: The platform excels in handling both local and international transactions, making it ideal for global merchants.
  4. Diverse Clientele: Catering to a wide range of businesses, from small to medium-sized, the platform is versatile in its applicability.
  5. Multiple Payment Methods: The platform supports a variety of payment methods, potentially including credit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers, providing flexibility for both merchants and consumers.
  6. Security: With advanced encryption and fraud prevention mechanisms, the platform is designed to secure financial transactions and protect user data.
  7. Dynamic Adaptability: Thanks to its cloud-based infrastructure, the platform can quickly adapt to changing market needs and consumer behaviors.
  8. Comprehensive Analytics: Merchants have access to in-depth analytics and reporting features, helping them make informed business decisions.
  9. Transaction-Based Revenue: Its revenue model based on transaction commissions is straightforward and easy to understand, benefiting both the platform and its users.
  10. Customer Support: Efficient customer service options, potentially including chat and telephone support, mean that help is always at hand for troubleshooting issues.

How to Begin With

To initiate your journey with DLocal, head over to their official site to examine the variety of services they provide and assess if they meet your specific needs. Should you decide to move forward, find and click the “Register” or “Sign Up” option, commonly located on the main page or under a ‘Services’ or ‘User Account’ tab. During this sign-up phase, you’ll typically be given a choice between an individual or corporate account, depending on your needs. Complete the required fields in the registration form, including your full name, email address, and a robust password. You’ll likely receive a confirmation email shortly after; follow the link within to authenticate your new account. For legal reasons, you may also need to supply further identification, such as a valid passport or driver’s license. After successful verification, head to your user dashboard to connect your preferred modes of payment like bank accounts or credit cards. If you’re establishing a business account, you’ll possibly need to incorporate DLocal’s API for streamlined payment operations. To fortify your account’s security, it’s recommended to activate additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication. With these steps completed, you are ready to commence various financial transactions.


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