Kushki is an Ecuadorian payment infrastructure startup that was created with the goal to shape the economy of Latin America. The platform works with a mission to connect Latam through payments, as the official website of the company states. The platform presents a robust payment gateway that can process 75K transactions per second in the conditions of 99.99% uptime. This is a reliable payment processing partner that operates in the region of Latin America. 

The company raised 100 million USD during the investment round in June 2022. Aron Schwarzkopf, CEO and co-founder of Kushki, said that the company initiated a funding round extension to attract more money for growth. The platform decided to combine the online payment expertise with offline payment expertise. 

The company operates in Peru, Colombia, and Chile. In 2020, it also entered the Mexican market. The unicorn decided to acquire a Mexican startup Billpocket trying to triple its growth in Mexico. The status of the unicorn was achieved by the company in 2022, when its price exceeded a billion USD upon evaluation. 

Why use Kushki

Merchants can accelerate the conversion if they resort to the payment option that guarantees a frictionless shopping experience along with convenient payment processing. The members of the company call it conversion optimization. It is possible to select the integration solution depending on the model of business.  It can be API, plugins, libraries, smartlinks or payment buttons. The company sticks to the highest security standards in its work that decreases fraud and helps to manage risk easily. 

The company employs smartlink, a highly effective conversion solution that raises the conversion of merchants. The tool leads customers to direct purchase. The system offers to create Kajitas, personalized payment forms, which are needed to receive payments from the store or web app without problems. It is a quick and secure method that can be implemented through two payment forms. These are Cajita, a non-customizable payment form of pre-defined payments, and Kajita, which is the version enabling customization from the Administration console. There are several versions of Kajita for each payment method. 

The payment button allows accepting payments with bank cards, cash, and transfers. This button generates a URL that includes the payment form, which expires in 15 minutes. It is used to redirect customers and to urge them to buy the commodity or service. The payments are hosted on the servers of the company, hence are secure. The payment button is also customizable, and can be customized from the console. It is easily integrated to the ecommerce platform and comes integrated with security validation services (Sift, OTP). Merchants can activate the preview of the button, and then edit the result to your preferences. There is also a default timer offered to merchants to encourage conversions. 

How to connect to the system

The pricing depends on the country. The list of countries includes Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico. There are plugins for ecommerce enterprises that deploy in their stores such ecommerce systems, as Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento. Merchants can accept one-time and recurring payments, with the possibility to automate the recurring payment feature. 

The website of the company has detailed instructions telling merchants how to connect to the system and showing how to activate different features in detail. It also includes a guide on how to connect API. If you contact sales, you can find a suitable option together. 


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