Decta is a UK-based company and FCA-licensed financial institution. The company is a Principal Member of Visa International and Mastercard. It also holds the license of the Authorized Electronic Money Institution. The geography of services covers 27 countries and thousands of customers.

DECTA provides the most innovative payment options so that global business owners could derive the best opportunities from their trading activity. The most advanced technologies are employed by the system to deliver tailored solutions to enterprises and payment service providers. It offers end-to-end service for Issuers and Acquirers.

The company tries to meet the requirements of each particular merchant and makes their acquiring service the best variant for merchants.

 Benefits of using DECTA

The company offers such features as one-click payments, recurring billing, MOTO (mail order and telephone order payments), payments by links, payments by invoice, multi-currency processing, and more.

The company runs its own card processing center and a payment gateway developed by the in-house team. Decta is a fully reliable partner with almost 100% uptime.

The website of the platform features intuitive, clear navigation for smooth work. It gives merchants the possibility to increase the conversion significantly thanks to fast integration, risk management, and assistance of the company with chargebacks. You can concentrate on better results after choosing Decta for dealing with payments.

It is not enough for the team to meet the expectations of their clients as they try to exceed them in all aspects of their work. Highly qualified specialists rely on the following principles to promote the brand: experience, innovations, trust, and flexibility.

The company delivers a smooth payment procedure for buyers. A powerful in-house API platform contributes to the enhanced work of the system.

Merchants find it convenient to use Dynamic Descriptor that offers a detailed description of all transactions. It means that it is not problematic for the customers to recall their purchases and manage disputes easier thanks to this feature.

The Decta Gate API was developed on the basis of the REST approach with the use of the JSON data exchange format. Different categories of clients can use API, those who passed the verification and non-verified users. However, the second group of users can do it in a test mode only. They have to verify their data to start working.

There are many free e-commerce modules for the integration of the system. The team developed the Opencart, Prestashop, Magento, and WooCommerce modules. It takes a couple of minutes to download the payment module and then install it without the assistance of technical specialists.

Merchants get a strategic advantage and get the chance to raise sales with multi-currency processing that becomes available due to DECTA. Customers feel more convenient when they pay for services and goods with their local currencies. It improves the cash flow.

The company offers white-label cards for fintech companies.

Fees of DECTA

According to the data of a company’s website, there are more than 100 variants of interchange fees depending on the type of transaction, a type of issued card, and a type of business. The fees start from 0,3% but vary considerably.

How to connect to the service

DECTA promises to shoulder such tasks as setting up, integration, and ongoing support of all businesses connected to the system. So merchants should only fill out the application and specify what type of partnership they are interested in.



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