Nuvei is a Canada-based payments technology company, headquartered in Montreal. 

The facility employs a promising technology allowing businesses to accept advanced payment options. Trying to optimize revenues, the platform helps its clients to get the most from the platform’s potential. 

Partnering with thriving brands, Nuvei has a huge coverage. It can boast access to 200+ markets including local acquiring markets for the convenience of shoppers. The staff of the company includes over 1600 employees. Customers can benefit from a wide selection of payment methods.  Their number has reached 585, so it is easy to find the most preferable option. Also, to localize payments the team added over 150 currencies for the convenience of users. 

The company tries to be ahead of trends, follow the booming verticals, and adopt advanced payment technologies. The team works to improve the acquiring flexibility of the company. 

The payment platform serves legal entities that belong to such industries as sports, gaming, betting, travel, online retail, banks, developers, network marketing, marketplaces, shopping carts and others. 

Nuvei highlights

The platform helps businesses to speed up their growth. It can help, for instance, to customize the facility to meet the requirements of users. Merchants realize the benefits of this cooperation due to fast and secure payouts. They have also assessed the localized payment methods that allow them to increase payment acceptance. It can be a challenge for companies to introduce strong customer authentication and preserve conversions. However, Nuvei can help them cope with the task. 

Clients point out flexibility and agility among the benefits of the company for the most part. The company offers the most extraordinary solution with regards to your interests and peculiarities of your business.  

The company is not a provider of payment processing services only, but it develops complex solutions for its clients and partners. In particular, it offers whole unified solutions that meet the requirements of the modern payment industry. This is the place of different payment processing in comparison with the way it used to be before. It is clear that it is not enough just to use the technology to thrive. Instead, technological and strategic partnerships can move you forward. So the company tries to arrange that to help you succeed. Trying to implement complicated moves, the company also delivers a pool of all payment methods that can be introduced on stores and websites. 

The team of the platform develops best-in-class UX to guarantee seamless financial operations. The software is designed to surpass expectations of customers. The transactions are performed with lightning fast speed. 

The platform is easily integrated to diverse content management systems, stores and shopping carts. The library of ready-made solutions is large. The platform offers documentations enabling the integration into such software solutions as Prestashop, Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress and many others. 

The company also has paid attention to smart routing that helps to optimize payment processes and decrease expenditures. Besides, this is an efficient way to improve payment acceptance rates, attained by other platform’s initiatives as well. For instance, numerous alternative payment methods belong to such measures. 

Developers added the orchestration layer enabling easier and faster scaling of businesses along with the optimization of payment flows. Along with automation of many processes, the human approach still remains prevailing. In complicated situations, the platform offers dedicated specialists with huge expertise in the sphere without relying on chatbots. 

How to connect to the system

The platform offers access to the comprehensive documentation center, where they find the guide on software integration to their systems. There are also API reference docs there, innovation center, and instant bank transfer docs.

There is a special page where applicants can contact the team. Merchants should create a new user in a merchant dashboard and submit the application.


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