Cashu is the portal offering online or digital payment services in the MENA region and was founded in 2002 by Maktoob.com. It is a digital wallet portal that facilitates payment transfer services and is known for issuing customers plastic MasterCard and prepaid virtual cards. The portal’s headquarters are in BVI (British Virginia Islands), and its offices are in Egypt, Cairo, Amman and Jordan. It was merely launched as an alternative to credit card online payments. 

Now, it has around 7000+ merchants and 75000+ merchants partnered with the portal and reports claim that the portal has around 2.3 million customers throughout the MENA region. It is marked as the safe payment mode, offers customised solutions according to merchants and supports online shoppers all over Arabic-speaking and surrounding countries. The portal is accessible to all and is built with robust fraud prevention and AML systems, facilitating faster, wider and safer customer payments. However, payment proceeding time with Cashu is based on an individual’s payment processing time and may sometimes take longer than VISA and MasterCard. 

Features of Cashu 

Detailing the features and benefits of using Cashu, the following pointers will help you with clarity – 

  • One of the significant advantages of using Cashu is that the services for this portal are accepted in multiple countries like Egypt, Dubai, Iraq, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya and other Levant regions. 
  • Users can use MasterCard and VISA cards for online funding of the Cashu wallet. 
  • Payment transfer services for digital wallets are mainly processed within a few minutes compared to other options like cheques or bank wire transfers. 
  • The benefits of this portal can easily be used by downloading applications on iOS or Android, and users can manage their trading portfolio or funds from the devices. 
  • Cashu digital wallet can pay at renowned platforms like Skype, Netflix, eBay, Amazon and others. 

How does it Work? 

Cashu customers have the option to fund their wallets either through the local in-store vendors or through online payment modes. Users need to get a virtual credit card from the portal when depositing with offline vendors. Furthermore, deposits on the portal can be made from almost all the countries, excluding Egypt and Jordan. 

When exploring how it works, it must be noted that the company has flat 3.5% charges for foreign exchange bank rates on credit card funding, and the portal also offers an additional option to fund their cards through vouchers or online available gift cards. A $1 fee on wallet payments, an extra 3% on selling or purchasing crypto, and a $1.50 local transfer fee are also applicable, which is only charged by the broker.

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