Cardinity is a Vilnius-based financial institution founded in 2007. The payment system provides global processing of any currency so it is possible to reach customers worldwide. This is a comprehensive payment service provider that cares about all stages of payment processing. It encompasses the services of a payment gateway, an acquirer, transaction processing, and also offers a merchant account.

What is good about Cardinity, is the elimination of numerous third parties that not only complicate the procedure but also make the process less secure. The process is direct and performed in compliance with the latest data security standards. The company tries its best to deliver the most advanced protection for merchants.

The system is suitable for different kinds of business. The company targets businesses registered in the EU and EEA.

Benefits of using Cardinity

Merchants can get payments globally using Cardinity. The official website says that the company provides services in more than 31 markets. It’s possible to increase the volume of sales and increase revenue with this platform.

Cardinity offers the service of one-click purchase thus making the payment method convenient for your clients. Easy payment helps to retain customers as they like a fast payment process.  This is the best way to increase your profit as customers prefer to pay with credit and debit cards, which proved to be the most popular payment methods among consumers. It can take several days to get money from Cardinity to your bank account.

The PCI DSS 1-level compliant system also offers reliable protection of all transactions due to a set of security tools developed for fraud prevention.

The integration of the Cardinity payment system is incredibly easy and smooth. Merchants can use their ready-to-install modules free of charge. Additionally, the payment processing provider offers SDK libraries and API support. The API documentation is understandable and clear.  

The main benefits of the payment system are speed and security of payments. Regardless of their location, merchants get money from buyers fast thanks to the secure gateway of the system.

Not only one-time payments are offered by the processing system. You can also use the service of recurring billing to enable regular subscription payments.

The companies that process less than 50K EUR per month, have to pay a fee of 1.35% plus 0.25 EUR for EU and EEA cards. It is possible to get the merchant’s account for free.

How to connect to the system

Merchants should fill in the form offered on the website to connect to the system. The managers of the company will review it within 2 days after the request is submitted. Also, the company asks to provide several documents. It also checks if your online store meets the demands of the company.

Use ready-to-install plugins for simplified integration. The list of shopping carts and systems includes Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, HostBill, Opencart, Drupal Commerce, Box Billing, and some others. Well-optimized ecommerce modules contribute to easier connection. Merchants who use a custom e-commerce system can use SDK libraries and well-documented API.


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