Coriunder is a payment gateway and BAAS service for launching PSP and wallets. The company standing behind the platform was launched in Cyprus in 2016. It pursues the goal to support ecommerce companies that try to reveal their full potential.  Coriunder provides solutions for landing pages, online stores, P2P API, and reporting portals.

Coriunder partners with numerous acquiring banks, electronic wallets, processors, and the range of alternative payment solutions. The facility has a PCI compliance Level 1 that allows it to deliver a secure service to its clients. The platform with numerous features offers a large array of integrations that help to meet the demands of various companies.

Coriunder highlights

The platform has developed a high-quality interface with a clear and responsive design that gives access to the admin area. Empowered with feature-rich functionality, merchants can easily manage their activities. In this way, the admin is placed in the center of operation, while defining permissions and monitoring all interfaces. 

The convenient Merchant Control Panel (MCP) gives merchants full control and visibility of the activity. It helps to be more efficient when creating landing pages, product pages and monitoring transactions. Also, UI services help businesses to increase their conversions on custom payment pages. Information received from companies and analytical work on its basis allows them to provide the best options for merchants. The Partner Control Panel (PCP) helps to increase the scale of business with Partners, providing full transparency to them. PCP is built to let affiliates monitor their activity. As a result, affiliates can see their traffic and Rev share. It is also possible to configure the split to Affiliates and come up with other configurations as well.

The report interface designed by the team enables merchants to explore the macro situation with the aim of better understanding of micro. Users get more insights about merchants, traffic, banks, etc. Those who need a custom report, should contact the team for it. In general, 9 interfaces are available for users that can considerably improve control of business. Those who have problems with functionality, can study the articles of the blog to learn the features that can be applied on the platform. 

The development center makes the integration process easier, thus helping to connect new clients faster. The onboarding portal also enters the functionality of the admin area. The sign-up procedure is simpler with it. This simplicity helps to increase the customer base. 

The combination of features helps to increase the network that expands globally. Users see how they can benefit from existing integrations and their loyalty grows. It is always possible to introduce new integrations, and integrate new providers, so their number continues to grow, making the system even more popular. 

The platform offers acquiring, issuing, and development services to companies. The acquiring management provided by Coriunder helps to take control of the acquiring relationships and efficient routing of transactions. The features offered to merchants include transaction routing, assessment of risk when traffic is analyzed, card limits, established by banks, etc. 

The platform offers Cloud, SaaS, and web-based deployment. The support works 24/7. It is possible to get training in person, and to be trained live online. Training is also offered at special webinars. 

Using a recurring engine, the facility enables the creation of recurring billing so that merchants can build payment schedules with ease. 

Benefits of the platform

  • Convenient admin interface with MCP (Merchant Control Panel); 
  • Clear reports interface on all aspects of the company’s activity;
  • Custom report feature;
  • Optimized transaction routing;
  • Easy control of processing;
  • Transparency of work;
  • 250 API calls to create apps;
  • Informative support;
  • White-label payment gateway;
  • Support of local currency;
  • Numerous integration modules;
  • Global network growth;
  • Easy synchronization across interfaces;
  • Continuous integration of new providers.

How to connect to the system

You should contact the team to connect to the system. There is a Devcenter that offers the documentation interface for developers to make the task easier for you. 


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