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Coingate is an advanced payment processor that allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments and send billing invoices to customers. Also, the conversion of payouts to fiat money is available within the service that presents a unified platform where all actions can be performed within one account, without the necessity of leaving the service.

With Coingate numerous payment options are available for companies who want to accept payments from all parts of the world. This is very convenient and removes all boundaries between different countries. So, the platform contributes to globalization of trade.

The company behind the platform is a fintech brand that started its activity in 2014 in Lithuania. The businesses of different sizes apply to the service. It is convenient since it provides fiat payouts to the bank account even when the customers use cryptos to pay for services and goods. Also, the platform employs an email billing feature that is preferred by so many users. 

If mass adoption is a major problem for the crypto industry, Coingate is one of the brands to bring it closer. The merchants’ features also include payment buttons, web app, API integration along with official plugins for large e-commerce platforms.

Coingate highlights

The company offers several products, allowing, firstly, accepting different crypto payments, and, secondly, buying, selling, and exchanging various cryptocurrency assets. There is a desk where you can buy or sell almost fifty popular currencies for dollars or euros. You can also exchange your assets there as well. Then you should only add a country of residence to initiate the procedure. The list of available countries is presented in a drop-down menu.

The service provides easy trading and management of your cryptocurrency assets with a perfect swapping or sale/purchase functionality. It is ideal for customers who want to buy crypto with a credit or debit card. It is also possible to sell crypto and get money to your card fast. The verification procedure is incredibly simple and is usually completed within a day (24 hours). The person gets access to the internal wallet of the system that is convenient to use after registration. Thus, all cryptocurrencies and payment methods are collected at one spot, simplifying your activity. The platform supports payment methods from over 100 countries of the world.

All assets of the company stored in the users’ wallets are securely protected. The company wisely keeps them in a cold storage or offline, so it is impossible to steal them during hacking attacks.

The company provides a detailed guide on how to buy cryptocurrencies on the platform. The instructions can help you to set up an account easily and then verify it fast. There you can find out how to connect the payment system to Wix as it released Wix integration for cryptocurrency payments. When the company launched the Shopware extension, it also published a detailed guide on how to integrate it to your store. Beside, the platform offers the PrestaShop module for free and helps to install it to your resource to start accepting payments through it.

Members of the system have to pay a fee when they buy and sell crypto. The amount of fee depends on the method they choose. If they use a bank account for payment, this is not so costly as paying with a credit card, for instance. It is also possible to resort to mobile payments or SEPA bank transfers to top up the account.

How to join the service

Users should start an account to use the service. It is necessary to pass the verification and add the payment address. Nothing more is needed to use the system. The verification is also needed if you integrate the payment system to your website.



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