BlueSnap’s Global Orchestration Payment Platform can be a go-to when it comes to business challenges related to payments.

BlueSnap was founded in 2002 in Israel but was acquired by Great Hill Partners in 2011. The BlueSnap rebranding occurred in 2013, and ever since, the company has taken a different approach to managing online payments.

Today, BlueSnap has a network of over 300 employees located globally in seven locations. This company helps thousands of customers in all verticals and is trusted by global brands such as Ford, Monday, Benevity, and similar.

BlueSnap prides itself on a robust toolkit packed with features that scale as business owners need them to. 

Features and Benefits

Its main benefits are:

  • Increased Authorization Rates
  • Decreased Checkout Abandonment
  • No Cross-Border Fees
  • Reduced Technical Debt

Essential features of the Orchestration Platform include:

  • Cross-border payments grow international sales
  • Payment optimizations that reduce costs
  • Global payment methods that support different currencies
  • Fraud prevention and detection tools that keep the business safe
  • Management of chargeback that allows for sustainable business growth
  • Tax compliance that reduces risk
  • Payment analytics for powerful insights 

These are specifically designed to help organizations in the software industry as well as retail, logistics, manufacturing, and banking. Cross-border payments allow these businesses a better way of managing payments for increased return on investment with reduced fees, increased revenue, and more. 

BlueSnap’s payment optimization tools bring everything you need to drop the costs of operations. Its Intelligent Payment Routing minimizes declines and maximizes gains. With secured tokenization and strong encryption, businesses get the most optimized payment method possible. BlueSnap’s global payments also reduce cart abandonment and expand the array of accepted currencies.

This platform is also highly secured, with leading fraud prevention tools that protect revenue and show reports of declined transactions. Its 3-D Secure Strong Customer Authentication also helps reduce chargebacks. Main security features include:

  • Device fingerprinting
  • Transaction origin ID
  • Transaction monitoring

BlueSnap also comes with chargeback prevention and support, where its robust system guides you through chargeback representment.

There’s a built-in tax compliance solution ready to help you reduce risks. With PCI, GDPR, and PSD2 compliance, business owners can avoid costly fines, credit monitoring, and eventually loss of business. BlueSnap will keep track of all industry changes for its clients, and work on preventing disruptions. 

Business owners will also enjoy Avalara tax compliance software, which is automatically included with BlueSnap’s platform. Avalara will instantly calculate and charge taxes on individual transactions. 

Ultimately, BlueSnap offers unified analytics and reporting tools that guide decision-making. Access to real-time data, history, refunds, and other transactions gives power and more control to business owners since they can track performance at any moment.

How To Get Started

Once you’re done exploring what BlueSnap has to offer, you can start utilizing the platform by creating an account. Head over to the Home page and find the Create Account in the top right corner. Enter your business email, username, and password to register. 

If you still want to learn more about BlueSnap’s features, you can speak to the payment expert. Click the button at the top right and you’ll see a form to fill out to get in touch with the company.


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