Moolah Payment Gateway

Moolah is a payment gateway for dental services opening up the dental industry to a more flexible and effective payment plan based on the industry’s peculiarities. This implies more tailored features via its platform, ‘Crown’ as traditional payments may not always align with the needs of dental care patients. Crown offers seven ways to receive payments from dental clients. 

Moolah via Crown is decentralising dental health care making it accessible to all by simplifying the process via its revolutionary platform. It also connects dental service providers to major dental services via its platform at no additional cost. These leading dental brands include Open Dental, Flex, and Modento. Below, we cover the benefits of Moolah extensively. 

The benefits of using Moolah

Moolah via its ‘Crown’ services give dental health care providers and patients ways to manage their payments effectively, thereby clearing every roadblock to accessing dental health care and making it seamless and stress-free.

Affordable dental healthcare

Rather than having to pay a lump sum, Moolah enables people to break down their dental bills into convenient monthly bits. This way, more people are able to afford dental costs and providers are assured of monthly recurring payments. Patients also have the confidence to answer their oral needs in time.

Zero credit checks or interests

Moolah functions without conducting background checks on the creditworthiness of its users. This promotes inclusion as people with different credit histories are not excluded from enjoying oral healthcare. It also doesn’t charge interest.

Clear payment terms

Transactions have flat rates and there are no hidden costs. Everything is straightforward and there’s absolutely no need for guesswork when committing to a plan. This predictability allows patients to plan their finances without fear of sudden deductions or setbacks. 


There’s no need to fill out lengthy surveys when getting onboarded on Crown. Within minutes, accounts are activated and ready to be used. In the future, long and boring PCI questionnaires or compliance requirements will also be handled by Moolah. And it’s credit card transactions arrive in the bank a day after they are made. 

Smooth integration with leading dental services

This partnership with major dental service providers ensures effective practice management. Integration with Flex and Modento helps to automate certain processes which may be difficult to manage manually like payment requests, recurring plans, and wireless terminal payments. Open dental integration ensures automatic entry in patient’s ledgers, eliminating the time needed to enter manually and the possibility of errors. 

Free wireless terminals

Moolah removes adoption costs by providing two free wireless terminals, making it easy to accept dental payments anywhere.

Insurance automation

For Open Dental users, insurance reimbursements can be automated through credit cards or checks. This removes administrative complexities from the process and accelerates the reimbursement cycle via automation.

How to Connect

Moolah has a straightforward onboarding process. The processes are listed below;

  • Head over to www.moolah.cc 
  • Click on ‘ Get Started’
  • Enter your DBA name
  • Enter your actual name, phone number, and email address
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