Chase Paymentech

Chase Payment Solutions is an efficient payment processing system. The payment platform is a branch of JPMorgan Chase and Co. The company started its operations as Chase Paymentech but later changed to Chase Payment Solutions. It has created a name for itself as the leading payment processor in the USA. The company processes more than $1 trillion yearly.

The platform works as a receiving bank and can create a business relationship and conduct transactions. Such business activity is called a direct processor since you don’t need to use intermediaries when utilizing a trading account. That means people get their deposits faster. On top of that, the company is compliant with PCI regulations. That is one of the essential things when it comes to protecting your clients’ data.

The transaction charges for payment solutions will depend on which system you use and the kind of transactions you conduct. This might be why Chase isn’t transparent with the pricing without consulting a sales team member. While the payment system offers a flat rate pricing, this plan is ideal for lower volume merchants. During the call with a sales agent, you might try to negotiate low charges if you have a large sales volume.

Benefits Of Using Chase Paymentech/Chase Payment Solutions

As a leading payment system, this service provider offers a range of multiple-channel payment processing such as Chase QuickAccept services, mobile money transfer and virtual terminal services. They also offer online processing and HIPPA-compliant payments.

Additionally, the system has an exclusive feature known as the Chase QuickAccept. So, users receive same-day payments at no charges when they pay using the Chase QuickAccept reader. That is beneficial to small and mid-sized businesses. The same-day financing means they do not have to wait for payment to clear and helps to maintain cash flow. Using the smartphone card reader or Chase application, users will transact on the go using their credit cards or e-wallets. Users can also access the app via their smartphone.

Chase Payment Solutions features both software and hardware payment options for POS (point of sale) transactions. They provide equipment such as the Chase smart terminal. Additionally, it has a standalone, portable terminal that takes in-person payment. This is an exceptional option for retailers and restaurant owners.

It also features a terminal that allows you to process card payments via mobile phone or PC manually. That is important if you prefer transacting via the smartphone or do not have physical equipment.

On top of that, Chase Payment Solutions offers HIPAA-compliant payment processing services. The service is designed for the healthcare sector. It offers online patient billing, automated payment collection, mailed-in cards, and secured payments.

How To Sign Up

  •         To register with Chase Paymentech, here is what to do:
  •         Visit the website and fill out the query form
  •         Wait for the sales rep to contact you within 24 hours
  •         Choose a plan based on your business needs

Even though most plans don’t have contracts, some situations might force you to sign one. For instance, when you are dealing with several currencies, process more than $ 5 million in sales, and when you need unique software integrations. Companies with global sales might find the commitment to long-term contracts unmotivating. So, carefully reviewing the contract before signing is vital since it attracts early termination charges if you end the contract prematurely.

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