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bKash has been a recognized and influential mobile financial service in Bangladesh since 2011. It offers handy and secure ways to handle monetary transactions through mobile phones helping those without access to the usual financial services.

As a “mobile wallet” platform, bKash enables users to deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds, pay bills, top-up mobile airtime, and even make purchases at participating merchants. Users can access its features through a user-friendly mobile app or by visiting authorized agents across the country.

With a robust security framework and partnerships with various financial organizations, bKash ensures the safety of its users’ financial information and transactions. This platform has over 70 million customers and partners with several financial organizations and banks to offer a cashless digital ecosystem.

Business Features and Services

bKash helps businesses expand and scale. The platform offers one of the safest and fastest online payment options. Merchants get access to payment gateways, tokenized checkouts, instant refunds, and simple APIs.

The Merchant account gives support to 70 million users via a secure platform, mobile app, Merchant QR, transaction history, and similar features. 

Educational institutions can also benefit from the platform – these institutions can accept various education-related fees, student payments, and similar transactions.

With bKash Payroll Digital Disbursement Solutions, business owners can now pay all their expenses such as salaries, bonuses, and similar without cash. 

bKash is also suitable for corporate and enterprise organizations. Corporations can pay retailers and other business partners easily with the platform. All payments are secure and cashless.

This platform also supports payments to microfinance organizations. Users can pay installments for loans or savings. Customers are verified before paying, and the service works even without the mobile application.

On the other hand, microfinance organizations enjoy digital transactions, real-time reporting, employee time tracking, and simple and efficient cash management.

Finally, bKash offers an array of services designed for customers. Application users can transfer money to another bKash user or any other account via mobile number. All they have to do is type in *247# to get started or use the mobile app for iOS or Android.

bKash app users can also top up their accounts with MasterCard, or Visa or transfer finances from the app to their bank account. Customers can also donate money, recharge Mobile Airtime, pay various bills, manage remittances, and pay insurance premiums. 

They can also withdraw money from ATMs, or deposit money to banks to their savings account. Paying education fees or online courses is also easy with bKash. Alternatively, there’s an option for a loan from the City Bank via mobile app.

How to Start

You need to open a bKash account to use any of these services. You should be a Bangladeshi national, over 18 years of age, with a valid national ID, with a subscription to Airtel, Robi, Grameenphone, and several other service providers. Opening an account is free, and you can start by downloading an app, visiting the web page, or calling *247#.

If you need help, you can live chat, call support, or make an e-appointment. Head over to the Contact Us page for the email and more ways to get in touch with the customer care center, based on location.


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