iPay Technologies enables effective payment for users to settle bills online.  iPay’s technology is an innovative bill payment system that’s all done remotely via the Internet. This type of bill payment system is known as EBPP (Electronic bill payment and presentment).

Benefits of using iPay’s services

iPay is no doubt a relevant service provider for companies that bill their clients on a regular basis. iPay is also useful in subscription-based services. Here are some gains that come with using iPay.

It aids organization 

Bill distribution and payment used to involve a lot of paperwork and sometimes it’s hard to stay organized in such a system. With iPay’s technologies, businesses can eliminate all the paperwork and run an effective bill distribution and payment system. This system also aids in the storage of bill records as all payment history is saved on the user’s online banking account.

It helps businesses to manage costs 

Electronic bill payment helps to cut off any expenses that may have been made on postages, checks, envelopes, mail delivery, etc. Such monies can now be used to pay for the service of a bill payment service provider or they can be invested in other aspects of the businesses to drive more growth.

It helps you save time 

Individuals who pay recurring bills can use iPay’s system to automate their bill payments. Even better, iPay’s services send reminders and alerts to keep users informed of the activities around their bills.

Variety of payment options 

iPay’s bill payment system offers bill receivers a variety of ways to settle their bills. Bills can be paid via bank transfers, card payments, or even the most common ACH (Automated clearing house).

It’s convenient 

The biggest advantage of electronic bill payment is convenience. Users can pay their bills from anywhere they are without needing to go to the bank; this also helps reduce the tendency for payers to default on a bill payment or pay late.

It helps improve customer experience 

The paper bill delivery and payment system comes with attendant challenges that may sometimes result in billers losing a customer with the electronic bill payment and presentment these challenges can be greatly reduced which in turn improves the business-customer relationship and experience.

How to Connect 

iPay Technologies was acquired by Jack Henry Associates – a financial technology company that offers a range of services including payments, lending, digital banking, and many more. iPay’s services have been integrated into Jack Henry’s bill pay services. 

There are three categories of bill pay on Jack Henry, they are business bill pay, consumer bill pay, and web payments.

To use iPay services, visit Jack Henry’s website

  •  Click on the ‘What we offer’ dropdown
  •  Go to the ‘Payments’ category
  •  Under payments, click on ‘Bill pay’ 
  • Click on the ‘Contact Us’ button 
  • You’ll be redirected to a page where you will fill out a form
  • Enter your details and choose the type of bill paid for your interest 
  • Submit when you are done



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