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Allied Payments

Allied Payments is a payment gateway that provides processing services for merchants and companies that belong to high-risk industries. The platform is headquartered in Florida, US. The company pursues ambitious goals to enter the top of processors, which offer such services at affordable rates. 

The in-house team has developed excellent, advanced software for the system, enabling a high level of the service. At this, the platform always tries to improve the level of performance. The elaborate and thorough approach to the service explains the success of the facility. It follows the mission to provide exceptional service to high-risk businesses to become successful. The service helps to save money since its competitors offer the same services at higher rates. 

Allied Payments highlights

The platform delivers a customized payment solution that allows merchants to accept different types of payments. The facility can effectively prevent chargebacks. The company delivers reliable merchant services as it processes bank card payments. The facility is efficient regardless of the ways employed to accept credit cards: through swipes in terminals of POS systems, MOTO (mail order telephone order), or online. A highly secure payment gateway is used to process bank cards. 

The facility serves all types of companies including the ones from the adult industry and other spheres that encounter problems when they want to start a merchant account. Since it is harder to provide services for such clients, they are often rejected. Allied Payments can handle payment processing for such entities.  

The company also offers eCheck processing, ACH processing, and eCheck 21 processing services to merchants. The company promises to process eChecks within 3 days from almost any checking account. 

The facility can also help if a business needs an offshore account. The benefit of the system is huge expertise in the field since it works with financial organizations on 5 continents. The company has been involved in this work for decades therefore a professional and highly experienced approach is guaranteed. 

The company established good relationships with its partners. The network of banking partners helps the facility to attain its goals. The same refers to financial companies that also contribute to mutually beneficial joint work. Any type of high-risk business selling online now can be served in the company. All merchants are served with attention and get dedicated assistance from highly qualified specialists from the customer team. They also give advice to all those who just plan to join the system. 

Benefits of the system

  • Reliable system tested with time 
  • Smooth work of advanced software
  • Extensive network of partners throughout the world
  • Huge expertise in the industry
  • Secure service
  • Prevention of chargebacks

How to connect to the system

Those who can’t work with usual merchant processors should apply to Allied Payments for help. To start accepting eCheck payments, potential users should sign up first on the official website of the company. Merchants should also provide documents to pass the KYC procedure. The application package of required documents includes the application form, government ID (copy), license (either local or federal), along with past payment processing and checking account statements. If you want to accelerate the approval, you should prepare the full package of the above mentioned documents to wait for the results of the checks. Underwriters of the company need some time to verify the identity and complete KYC checks. 


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