Founded in February 2014, Payme provides white-label technological solutions to small or medium enterprises, which allows them to thrive in the rapidly evolving–stop-shop-payment era. 

Since most payments are now transferred electronically with digital wallets, credit cards or other modes, big payment solution providers like Stripe, PayPal, and others have created a one-stop-shop platform where various payments are all received in one place. It has facilitated payments on the customer’s end. Still, traditional financial institutions or banks not well-versed in these modern payment modes are struggling to keep up with this evolution, as they may not have the same technology to offer convenient payment options to businesses like other big players. 

Payme, headquartered in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel and other office located in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, was launched to bridge this technical gap and have created white-label payment solutions, which are more like an open-access tool kit that partnered banks or institutions can use with their logo or name. All these automated and pre-integrated payment solutions at Payme are tested and verified, eliminating the time for banks to test or build from scratch and allowing partnered banks to provide a customer-centric digital experience. 

The platform has global coverage, offers access to 85+ payment methods, and allows B2B payments. Additionally, it has world-class APIs, recurring billing options, closed-loop transactions, tokenisation, and a 3D secure interface. It has 200+ partners worldwide, including Shufersal, Easy2Give, Wolt, Super-Pharm, Maruti Suzuki, Ikea, Wix and others and offers payment solutions to around 20,000+ merchants. 

Advantages of Using Payme 

  • Payme provides instant payout, allowing users to enjoy rapid fund transfers for the platform’s transactions. 
  • It will enable partners to access financing possibilities in real-time. 
  • Payme also allows partners to receive payments in instalments. 
  • Payme allows banks or other financial institutions to customise the payment system, blending it with their branding elements for enhanced trustworthiness and the bank’s reputation. 
  • All the transactions of the partnered platform are backed up by Payme, which ensures reliability and security. 
  • Banks collaborating with Payme can tap into global opportunities with a growing customer base. 

How to Use Payme?

Banks or other interested merchants must partner with Payme to access white-label-payments-platfrom, which can be integrated into their existing deliverables or services. Once integrated and customised, merchants can be invited to pay from the new platform powered by Payme. When a user selects Payme for their payment transactions, all their required details are sent to the registered email address, which needs to be confirmed by the receiver. Payment is made on the transfer date provided by the payer, and when received, withdrawal can be processed from Balance and Payouts tab. 

Payment to suppliers or customers through Payme can be made from the Payment to Suppliers tab, where suppliers’ details, amount, and payment type (recurring or one-time) must be mentioned. Once done, an email with all these details is sent to the supplier, and payment will be debited once they confirm the mail. 

Apart from sending or receiving payments, it also offers secure clearing options. Transactions on Payme can be made through various methods, including PayPal, Bit, international credit cards and many others. 



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